Will Berserk Manga Continue? Big Question Answered Today !

Will Berserk Manga Continue, Or this is an End? The death news has come in with a shocking state as Kentaro Miura, who was famously renowned as the creator of the Berserk manga series has passed away at the age of 54 on May 6 after going through heart troubles.

The voices have been shared together for the grieving of the creator of the Berserk manga series who will stay in hearts forever. The fans showed their support for his family and everyone on social media paid a tribute by doing from small to big. It is just because of how his illustrations have left a mark and how big he came all this way for the people.

Will Berserk Manga End After death of It's Creator Kentaro Miura?
Creator Kentaro Miura

The Long Remarkable Path

Kentaro Miura was best to know globally for its illustrations of the 1989 dark fantasy Japanese manga series Berserk. Back in 1988, there was a time when Miura published the Berserk draft chapter in one of the finely invested magazines known as Gekkan ComiComi where a year later it was found published in the magazine known as Animal House. The manga series Berserk had its own impact and potential with its story and had a lot to give with its remarkable illustrations as focussing on character guts which is said to be found by the mercenaries. Berserk Manga End

In no time when defeated in the battle, he had no option but forced into joining the group which was led by Griffith and was known as “Band of the Hawk”. This manga had its own history and after a while back in October which aired from1997 and 1998, it adapted it’s own anime series which consisted of 25 episodes. Later it was taken under and worked and then adapted into a film trilogy known as Berserk: The Golden Age Arc which was dropped out back in February 2012. The sources and the reports claim that there are about an estimated figure of around 40 million Berserk copies which were circulated and thus upholding it as one of the most successful manga series of all time.

Will Berserk Manga End After death of It's Creator Kentaro Miura?
Tweet By Fan

Will Berserk Manga Continue?

Recent reports suggest that Kentaro Miura’s assistant will be continuing with the manga. He also tweeted about this on Twitter saying He Will do his best!


What’s Berserk Manga About?

This manga series revolves around a man called guts AKA Black Swordsman. His appearance is something worth being mentioned about. He features only one eye and one arm. His main motive is to end the town’s ruler. To get his attention, the town’s ruler starts killing the people and brings insane havoc to the town. 

As you can tell by now the premise of this manga features around dark and grotesque world. The things shown or depicted in the series are totally beyond the imagination and everything is something from a fantasy. To spice things up a love interest is also introduced called, Casca. Black Swordsman tries everything to keep Csca safe from the burning town. All in all the Berserk Manga series is a mix of love, drama, emotions and last but not least a lot of drama. 

What Are The Characters Of The Berserk Manga? 

  • Guts, the main character of the series. He travels the world and internally deals with his own struggles like going after what he wants or taking care of the ones he loves. 
  • Puck is one of the first friends’ Guts makes. He is depicted as a little elf. 
  • Casca is a mountain village girl who later turns out to be an ex-commander. She is the main love interest in the series. 
  • Griffith is the main leader of the Band of the Falcon. He is highly respected by his followers and as well as has gained a reputation as a savior. But sadly, he is also the main villain in the series. 
  • Farnese is a noblewoman fascinated by the power of magic and performs ceremonies.

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