Crime Plays Fan Claims GTA 6 Will Be Set In Rio After Leak Appears To Reveal New Maps For Upcoming Game

GTA 6 rumors are surfacing everywhere on the internet. While the game is right now far from its launch, people have started speculating about the maps, character of GTA 6. Read the following article to get all information about GTA 6 map leak and further.

About GTA 6 

GTA powered by Rockstar Games has been popular and loved by all since its inception. But the game developers have always been tight-lipped regarding every upcoming game. The sixth installment of GTA is not going to release anytime soon. Alas! It is still under processing and claims have been made about its release. GTA 6 can be released in April 2023. The last installment GTA 5 (San Andreas) was released back in 2013. GTA is diligent in providing updates to all its user and hence loved by all. Unfortunately, GTA 6 map leak rumors are heating up. Let’s dig into this-

GTA 6 Map Leak Rumours

The Ingame GTA 6 Map leak features a small island (surrounded by water on all) that has a swarming and crowded city at one side while greenery full of forest and hills on another side. The image also shows an Airport in the city with columns of roads that go around the main island. There is also a small island near the main city probably making us think hard what’s the deal with it? Some of the fans are suggesting they can see the features of the very famous Santos Dumont Airport. While some suggest they all spot one of the seven wonders Christ: The Redeemer. So now you must have figured out which city is featuring in GTA 6. Rio De Janerio It is. Some say it is a mirror image of the city.

Surely they would give unique names to these cities like in GTA 5 San Andreas was based in Los Angeles. While Liberty City was inspired by New York City.

Crime Plays Fan Claims GTA 6 Will Be Set In Rio After Leak Appears To Reveal New Maps For Upcoming Game


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GTA 6 Map Leak Authencity

Although Rockstar Games is very particular about its upcoming games but due to the popularity of Game. Sometimes map images, characters or gameplay are leaked making the fans all exhilarated. The rumors of the GTA 6 Map leak seem much authentic because we have already heard about GTA 6’s development codename. The name of this project is Project America. In this Project, the game developers aim to set this forthcoming game in parts of  North and South America. So Rio de Janeiro is situated in the country of Brazil in South America. Hence, making it quite obvious.

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