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‘Baby Shark Tweet’ – Another Impact By Elon Musk | Everything About the Tweet and its Impact?

'Baby Shark Tweet' - Another Impact By Elon Musk | Everything About the Tweet and its Impact?

The influence and power of Elon Musk are not hidden by anyone. He is one of the brightest and smartest minds today. And also he’s never off the news. Whatever he does brings him to the news. The kind of impact he haves is the reason for it. Recently his ‘Baby Shark’ tweet has made a huge buzz. It’s almost everywhere and everyone wants to know about it. So let’s know everything about the tweet and its impact.

When was the tweet made? What did his tweet do? And everything else. Let’s get the complete info in the simplest language possible.

What is Baby Shark? 

  • It’s very important to know what we are talking about. So let’s begin by introducing Baby Shark.
  • “Baby Shark” is basically a YouTube song, which was produced by Pinkfong. It’s a kids jingle and were released in 2018
  • It’s a very beautiful addictive music video for kids with animal animations.
  • So now, let’s move towards the Baby shark tweet thing. And know why is it so much on news.

'Baby Shark Tweet' - Another Impact By Elon Musk | Everything About the Tweet and its Impact?

What was the tweet? 

So let’s begin with the tweet. The tweet was – “Baby Shark crushes all! More views than humans,”.This was tweeted this Wednesday By Elon Musk and had a huge impact.

What did the tweet do?

  • Well, every time Elon Musk comes to Twitter. His presence is always felt outside Twitter too. We have known his impact on the crypto market and now this.
  • This single tweet has surged the shares of Samsung Publishing by a huge 10%. Samsung Publishing company is the producer of the song.
  • Led to shares getting up 97% so far this year.
  • This was the highest reach for the song since its release.

So as you can see the impact of Elon Musk is so huge. ‘Baby Shark tweet’ is one such prime example of it.

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