LGBT Pride Month 2021: History, Events, Know Everything About LGBT

First of all a very Happy LGBT Pride Month to all the ones out there. Today’s modern-day world and generation own a very open mindset. Today we are ready to accept everyone in just the way they are. LGBT Pride Month 2021 is a prime example of it. Every year, June is celebrated as LGBT Pride Month. This is done to empower the communities like Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgenders. This month’s lasting celebration signifies the importance and equality in society.

Know everything about LGBT Month here. How did it start? Why is it celebrated? How do they celebrate this month? Get complete information about this here.

So let’s begin!

Why LGBT Pride Month is Celebrated? 

  • The major objective of the celebration of LGBT pride month is the acceptance of their community by society.
  • What they want is to accept them the way they are. Just like Men and Women society also needs to simply accept them.
  • Breaking the prejudices and stereotypes of society isn’t very easy. Thus this open celebration gives everyone the strength to come out and express what they feel.

LGBT Month: History about it

Now the question arises, When did this celebration start? And Why only in June?. So let’s know about that.

LGBT Pride Month 2021: History, Events, Know Everything About LGBT

  • Well, all this began with the riots held by the LGBTQ+ community on June 28, 1969. They held a riot against a Police raid at Stonewall Inn in New York City.
  • To commemorate that event, June was declared as LGBT Pride Month.
  • LGBT Pride Month 2021 is also going to be celebrated with the same energy and enthusiasm.

How is it celebrated?

So How is this LGBT pride month celebrated? What are the events taking place out there? Now let’s know about that too.

  1. Well, this whole celebration attracts millions of people around the world. Everyone celebrates this month in their own way.
  2. There are Gatherings, Parties, Parades, Open Confession sessions, Debates, and whatnot. The whole Month witnesses hundreds of such events. The main objective is to make the presence feel. Also, it is to empower and strengthen the members.
  3. In this whole period of a month, there’s a completely different atmosphere. Where what we feel is ” Love Everywhere”.
  4. Also, you should know about the Flag of the LGBT community. It is a Rainbow Colored Flag containing all the different colors. It’s a symbol of loving all the colors or parts of society. It should be treated as normally by everyone.

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