Shake Shack Introduces ‘Pride Shake’ Shake Shack for LGBT Month 2021

Shake Shack Introduces 'Pride Shake' Shake Shack for LGBT Month 2021

As we all know, LGBT Pride Month is here now. The full month of June will be celebrated as LGBT Pride Month. In this whole full month period, there are a lot of things going to happen. Innumerable appreciations, Events like Gatherings and Parades are going to happen to empower the community. And the journey has already been started by Shake Shack. Shake is one of the most renowned names and brands in the US. Shake Shack has introduced ‘Pride Shake’ in honor of the LGBT community. Pride Shake will be available at all Shake Shack stores in the U.S

Know everything about Shake Shack and Pride Shake here. What is Pride Shake? Why is this introduced? Know everything here.

What is Pride Shake? 

  • Pride Shake is a special Shake brought up in honor of the LGBTQ community. This will be made available till 30th June at all the Shake Shack stores.

Shake Shack Introduces 'Pride Shake' Shake Shack for LGBT Month 2021

  • The Pride Shake is made with strawberry and blackberry frozen custard. It is topped by Rainbow coloured Glittering ingredients marking the LGBTQ flag. It’s a complete to delight to the tongue.

A brief about Shake Shack:

Well firstly know that, Shake Shack has always been coming forward to support LGBTQ community. Their main objective has been to spread equality , love and acceptance in all means possible. You will be surprised to know the following things about it:

  1. In all the hundreds of Shake Shack stores, they keep running different programs. These programs are their to provide equal rights and opportunity to grow.
  2. It has Earned a 100% score on Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index . That too for the two consecutive years.
  3. It launched HEROIQ+ i.e Helping to Educate Regarding Orientation, Identity & Queerness+.Which has been constantly working for the cause.

More about Pride Shake

  • Also this Pride Shake will be served to the customers in a ‘Pride Cup’. The pride cup also haves a symbolic burger showing LGBTQ colors.
  • Also a major part of the earnings of these sales will be donated for a cause. The money will be donated to The Trevor Project. Trevor Project is a special project for young LGBTQ people to empower and strengthen them

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