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Top 15 Brands Supporting LGBTQ Pride month 2021 in Style

Top15 Brands Supporting LGBTQ Pride month 2021 in Style

Pride month has begun and brands are excited to represent LGBTQ and diversity in their products. In this article, we have shown 15 brands supporting LGBTQ. Most of you might not know but Pride month is observed in every country on different dates. But in most countries, they celebrate the month of June as Pride month. If you do not know a lot about pride month worry not. Here we will tell you everything you need to know about it and how brands are supporting them using their products.

Here is the list of 15 brands supporting LGBTQ 

1- Ralph Lauren

pride month

When we talk about men’s wear there are only a few brands that come out as the supporter of LGBTQ community. Here LGBTQ+ means Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and many more. It has launched a range of its popo t-shirts naming pride collection. It is available for adults, kids and everyone. And they are donating a huge chunk of money to LGBTQ charities.

2- Reebok

pride month

For 2020, the iconic athletic company has released a Pride collection that includes a range of shoe designs with misty rainbow swirls.

T-shirts featuring Reebok’s 2020 Pride tagline, “All Kinds of Love,” as well as tights, tanks, bucket hats, fitting shorts, and more are available. Brands supporting LGBTQ include other sports accessories.

3- Bombas

pride month

Bombas is known for its bee emblem and “Better Bee” philosophy, but the focus of the new 2021 LGBTQ collection is on understanding how to “Bee Proud.” Bombas’ signature socks, in regular, sporty, and formal designs, and also t-shirts (crews, shirts, and crops) and underwear, are all available. They put each order in custom boxes that have rainbow colours on them and pride collection was written all over them.

4- Peloton

pride month

“My Truth Is Our Power,” a forceful message accompanied by brilliant, colourful graphics and distinguished by the “Lead With Love” phrase, is the name of Peloton’s Pride collection. Trousers, board shorts, bras, sweatshirts, shorts, headbands, caps, and even towels are part of the line. They are also supporting other initiatives related to the LGBTQ community. They are giving money to the 159 charity Canada, London friend from the UK, and other charities from Germany and the USA.

5- Dare Pheromone Cologne

brands supporting LGBTQ

The cologne company has recently launched a new collection of products. All these products are directly supporting LGBTQ communities in one way or another. They have launched lubes, lotions, perfume collection, and other things. A portion of the profit made by selling these products is donated to several charities.

6- Nike

brands supporting LGBTQ

Nike is also supporting the month of Pride in its own way. At the starting of pride month, Nike launched a new collection of shows. The sportswear brand never fails to contribute to a social cause. In this way, they are planning to bring awareness to many people and trying to tell that be who you are you do not need to change yourself. Also, they have launched Nike Air Force 1, Nike Air Max 2090 and have rainbow colours on them.

7- Diesel

brands supporting LGBTQ

The fashion brand Diesel has always been very open in its stands on LGBTQ debates. Although their ads look kind of rough and give a feeling that they are made for straight people. The company itself never says anything against LGBTQ. In fact, they always support causes related to LGBTQ programs. They have launched a collection of wearables that has rainbow printed on them. They are one of the brands supporting LGBTQ campaigns in 2021.

8- Kind

Kind is another food brand that is supporting LGBTQ pride month. In their campaign, they have introduced their best selling protein bar in a packet that has rainbow printed all over it. On it, they have mentioned the words Kind Pride.

9- Fossil

brands supporting LGBTQ

Fossil has released its second consecutive Pride Watch, which features a bezel with all of the LGBTQ flag’s colours. It comes in different sizes and has a uniquely carved caseback celebrating Pride 2020.

The Hetrick-Martin Foundation, the country’s oldest and most famous LGBTQ+ youth organisation, will profit from sales in the United States. Benefits from global sales.  It Gets Better the Project is intended to empower young LGBT people. Fossil is one of many watch brands supporting LGBTQ.

10- Adidas

brands supporting LGBTQ

The worldwide sports label debuted its long-running “Love Unites” campaign with a 30+ item Pride collection. Likewise, the initiative is honouring notable members and friends of the Gay and lesbian community. They one of the many sportswear brands supporting lgbtq.

11- Vaseline

Brands supporting LGBTQ

Vaseline is among many brands supporting the LGBTQ community. It has created its new collection of LGBTQ products. They are calling it a limited collection. And also helping other LGBTQ supporting charities by donating money from the profit of the sale of these products. On their product they have mentioned a number on which people can call to get help if they want.

12- Doritos

I am a fan of doritos. No matter what people say about health factors or it is a portion of junk food. I always love indulging myself in the treat. They have also started promoting LGBTQ pride month in a unique way. Now if you buy their limited collection of Doritos you will get the chips in multiple colours. Also, worry not they are totally safe to eat.

13- Puma 

Top15 Brands Supporting LGBTQ Pride month 2021 in Style

Puma is known for making world-class sports products. Well, it is also known as one of the few brands that never fails to amaze us with its generosity. be its sports events, supporting players or other communities. This is one of the Brands supporting LGBTQ in their own way. It has launched a collection of shoes and other sportswear that has rainbow printed on them. Do get their product if you want to show your support.

14 – McDonald’s

pride month

The fast-food chain is not stopping when it comes to showing its inclusiveness. They have launched many new rappers and boxes that have rainbow printed on them. We should tell you that Rainbow is the way LGBTQ+ people like to represent themselves. And They are trying to contribute some money as well.

15- Gap is one of the Brands supporting LGBTQ

Brands supporting LGBTQ, pride month

I’m sure you all like Gap jeans. In the 90s’ they were the symbol of male fashion. If you see a movie of tv series from the 90s’ you will find a mall with a gap Showroom in it. And they are also doing their part in supporting the LGBTQ movement. Also, they have launched their love wins collection. And donating a part of the profits to one of the best charities that help LGBTQ communities. There are other 20+ brands supporting LGBTQ that we have not added here. Tell us about your favourite brand.

Stay Tuned with the global coverage for more updates. 

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