Amazon Quiz Today Answers for June 5 2021 Check Out and Win 30000 Amazon Pay Balance

Amazon is the leading name in today’s world of online shopping. Amazon has always been standing out in delivering the best service to their customer. Quality of products, Customer Engagement, and Creative Offers are their key strengths. Amazon always comes up with something engaging and exciting. These days it’s ‘Amazon Quiz’. From the time it has come up. Everyone wants to know about Amazon Today’s quiz answers and increase their luck chances.

So do you want to know about it?

Know everything you need to know about the Amazon Today quiz here. From What it is? How to Participate? To The Answers of them.

Let’s get going!!

What’s Amazon Quiz? 

  • Well, Amazon Quiz is one of the new customer engagement things Amazon has started. It’s brought up by Amazon India.
  • In this Amazon conducts a simple quiz of 5 questions. And if you are able to give Amazon Today quiz answers correctly. You can win up to 30,000 Amazon Pay Balance.
  • Yes, you heard it right, You can earn that much balance. So it’s a lucky draw kind of pattern but based on your knowledge.

How to Participate? 

  1. Now knowing about the high reward, this must be your first question. How to Participate?
  2. Well, that’s easier. Just download the Amazon Application and Login Yourself.
  3. The search Quiz and then click on the Amazon Quiz icon. That will take you to the questions you need to answer.
  4. Answer the Amazon Today quiz answers correctly (which are provided below). And that’s it you get a chance to win a 30,000 Amazon Pay balance.

Amazon Today Quiz Answers: 5 June 

The answers to the Amazon Quiz on June 5 are out now. Get all the answers here and you can win high rewards. Here are the answers:

1. 18th April is also celebrated as

World Heritage Day


2. Vera Gedrowtiz, who was also honored by Google Doodle, is the first female surgeon of which nation?



3. M.Narsimham who recently passed away, was also known as the father of which of the following?

Indian Banking Reforms


4. Where was the Picture taken

Everest Boot Camp


5. This is the biggest fish. Name it

Whale Shark


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