TikTok Star Josh Richards Net Worth, Girlfriend, Age, And More

Josh is one of TikTok’s wealthiest youngsters, owing to his ability to turn his fame into lucrative partnerships, investment possibilities, media associations, and whole companies. He also enjoys the melodrama with his other TikTok stars because, Why not, drama works excellently when it comes to earning money. So, it appears that earning money on TikTok is a legitimate art form. In this article, we will tell you Josh Richards Net Worth and other details. So, if you are someone who uses Tik Tok and trying to make money using it then this article might help you.

Josh Richards Net Worth




Richards is a renowned social media celebrity and actor from Canada. He also performs some modeling. His lip synchronizes, dance, and video skits have made him renowned. He has a lot of admirers all around the world, and they are growing by the day. All this has included in his net worth and as of 2021, he has a total net worth of more than 2 million Dollars. He has also signed a contract with Warner Bros and Talent X. This is said to have increased his net worth.

Age, Height, and date of birth 

The social media influencer is born on 31 January 2002 in Canada. As of now he lives in Canada and is 18 years old. When we talk about his height it is 5 feet 11 inches. And his biceps are 23 inches approx. According to some sources, his weight is 64 kg. After knowing about Josh Richards Net Worth, height, date of birth let’s talk about who is he dating.

Girlfriend of Josh Richards 

Tik Tok Star Josh Richards Net Worth, Girlfriend, Age, And More

There were rumors of him being gay. In some of his Tik Tok videos, he was seen having fun with some male friends that is why people thought that he might be gay. But later he busted all his rumors and said that he is dating Nessa Barrett. We should tell you that she is also a Tik Tok star. In 2020, he with his family moved to the USA to focus on his acting career. Tell us in the comment section if you want to add anything else in our article on Josh Richards Net Worth.

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