APPLE OR ZOOM: What will you choose to video call? Apple announces new software updates

Apple Inc. in its Worldwide Development Conference (WWDC) this Monday has announced that it will be launching its new software updates in the line for improving the video calling experience on its native FaceTime app.

In this pandemic, the value and mobility of online interactions have grown to new heights from students attending subject classes from the comfort of their homes to the people video calling their family during quarantine abroad. Since the start of this pandemic, the market for video calling apps like Zoom, Google Meet has expanded to new distances. Apple Inc wishes to compete in this dimension with Zoom with its native video calling application, FaceTime. Apple or Zoom is a difficult choice to make.


New Software Updates in FaceTime

  • FaceTime links are to be introduced that can be circulated to web-based users who don’t have possession of any Apple device.
  • More audio-profile options will be available from blocking background noise to a top-level audio profile that captures every sound around the speaker.
  • All of the people in FaceTime call will be able to watch a content-like video at the same time without any hassle.
  • A feature of SharePlay is added that will work with Apple native apps plus some external partners. Disney+ and HBO Max are among the initial partners.

All these new features to the app will make it more equipped for the competition with arch-rival Zoom. Apple has planned to add these features with a mindset of not hindering anybody’s privacy that has been the company’s primary concern.


Zoom has faced several privacy-related issues last year that caused it penalties and ban from various governments. But even after this, Zoom is the top video conferencing app in the world at the moment.

So Apple or Zoom?

Zoom has its flaws with security and privacy and Apple Inc. has said very clearly that FaceTime will be updated without keeping user’s privacy and security at stake. After the implementation of these software updates by Apple Inc. we can get an answer of which is the best Video-calling app, Apple or Zoom.

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