Elon Musk Threatened By Hacker Group Anonymous is it Fake Video??

Three days back a threatening video that targeted Elon Musk was posted on 5 June, which has earned in excess of 2.3M views. The video said that it’s a message for Elon Musk by Annonymous. The video lasted for 3 minutes and 47 seconds has got eyes from people around the globe. It said that Elon Musk is being desperate for the public’s attention and he is a rich narcissistic. Is the video real or fake?

What’s The Video All About

The primary purpose of the video bluster, past various disparaging articulations. For the past years, Elon has been active socially and his posts on Twitter go viral in very little time. His single posts on bitcoin shake the market and bring a great change in the price of the coin. Moreover, the finance of people got affected by a single post of Elon.

Elon Musk Threatened By Hacker Group Anonymous is it Fake Video?? Anonymous said that Elon is playing games in the Crypto market and he is ignoring the needs of the normal class people. People who are in the hope to change their lives by investing in Crypto are crushed by just one tweet. It further said that Elon is here only for his personal benefit, he has no concern with humanity.

Moreover, Annonymous said that Elon Musk is not the only gamer, his competition is increasing gradually. And now, someone is here to give him a tough challenge. They claimed that they will expose Elon. Further, They roared and said they are Anonymous, they are the army, and challenged him to anticipate them.


Is The Video Real?

The video that has 2.3M views is now said to be fake. However, the very mainstream Twitter account of Anonymous has come forward and gave a statement. The main account on Twitter, YourAnonNews, for certain 6.7 million followers has effectively denied being behind the video. Now that’s great news.  However, the video that went viral and was a topic of concern for everyone is now said as fake. When inquired as to whether they could affirm the video got distributed by them, their quick response was “Once more, the very best – yet no.” 

The Anonymous from @BscAnon account, that says it goes against “the vindictiveness that is overflowing in the space of crypto money”. They additionally deny them any contribution. It tweeted that it was not their video for Elon Musk. Elon Musk Threatened By Hacker Group Anonymous is it Fake Video??Elon Musk Didn’t Give A Bigger Response

The threatening video is now a fake video but even when it was going viral, it didn’t get much attention from Elon. Further, He didn’t say anything on that rather just tweeted the post and said to save what you love.

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