Gamers season 2: Release Date, Cast and Much More

Sep 2017 was the last month when the last episode of Gamers was telecasted. From then 4 years have passed without any news of Gamers Season 2.This romance comedy anime was able to grab a 6.6 IMDb rating which shows that viewers have appreciated this 12 episode series. Fans are curious to know when will the suspense created in Gamers will end.

You, will be curious to know when will the Gamers season 2 will be broadcasted? .Will the suspense created during season 1 will have an end. Know more about Gamers Season 2, release date, cast, and much more.

Let’s dig deep to have a quick review of the previous season.

What will be the New Storyline of Gamers season 2?

This series is inspired by one of the popular novels Light novels of Magma. The Japanese series was aired first on 13 July 2017 and came to an end by Sep. Consists of only 12 episodes. Viewers witness a transformation in the concept. The series concept of the game was converted into a romantic anime having some amount of comedy. Even then positive feedback was obtained. .

Gamers season 2: Release Date, Cast and Much More

Keita Amano, the lead artist is a talented gamer and is offered to join the gaming club by Karen Tendo. Keita is new to the high school. Karen is a well-known girl in the School. But Keita refuses to join by witnessing that the gamers are competitive among themselves. After this sudden change is witnessed including, untold happenings, the concept of relationship and gap seen in friendship and misunderstandings.

In the new arriving Gamers season 2 new storyline may come up. The show will proceed from where it has left. The concept of a love triangle may be witnessed among Aguri,  Keita, and Karen. The arisen misunderstanding can continue and a halt can be seen. We will keep you updated about the new storyline.

Gamers Season 2 Cast.

We can assume to witness the old characters including.

1.Keita – Leading character with an exceptional gaming talent.
2. Aguri- She is in a relationship with Tasuku. Further, She doesn’t show any sign that she      loves playing games.
3. Tasuku – Well-known smart guy of the school. Best in arcade games.
4. Karen- the most popular girl in the school. offers Keita to join the gaming club.
5. Chiaki – Shown as an introvert. Don’t talk much.

New characters may be introduced in the series. Till now no further information is revealed.

When It Will Be Released?

Fans are demanding a new season due to the confusion created in the first season of gamers. Suddenly a game-oriented series transformed itself into a romantic one. So the company will be working on the new storyline of Gamers season 2.

However, till now, there is no certain announcement about the arrival of the new show. Even it is not cleared when will the authors will complete the new storyline of the show. So, there is no certainty to know about the release of the show. We will keep you updated if anything is announced. Yet even the new trailer is not out.

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