Kim Kardashian Instagram Shows Life Without Kanye West, Whereas Shanna Moakler Expresses Hate Through Her Comments

Kim Kardashian Instagram is present without her ex Kanye. The celebrity who is 40 years old has recently shared a picture on Instagram which was without her ex-husband. Nonetheless, the very popular star has shared a highly contrasting legacy snap of her with her four kids on her Instagram.

Is Kim Broken At 40

In the photograph, Kim is posing along with her cute four little children. The youngest one is Psalm, then Chicago, North, and Saint. Kim got numb and emotional in the recent episode of her show Keeping up with the Kardashians. Further, She said, it’s a failure at 40.

Kim Kardashian was hitched with Damon Thomas and later with Kris Humphries but none of the relationships worked. She was in tears and said after three marriages all she got was a disappointment. These failures are stressful. She wants to be lost at 40. In any case, other than this Kim Kardashian Instagram never neglects to display the excellence of the strong woman.

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In February, the couple affirmed they were ready to part their ways and have since been figuring out their separation and care plans. Moreover, the billionaire star is flaunting her life on Instagram with Kanye.

What’s The Hatred On Kim Kardashian Instagram¬†

On one of the new Kim Kardashian Instagram posts, she got some hateful remarks from Shanna Moakler. Shanna Moakler isn’t bashful about openly declaring that she doesn’t care for the Kardashian family. She publicly put alligations on Kim.

Kim Kardashian Instagram Shows Life Without Kanye West, Whereas Shanna Moakler Expresses Hate Through Her Comments

An Instagram post by iamrichroyal shared a screen capture of the Skims organizer crying over her imploded married life with Kanye West. He wrote in the caption that he hates Kim Kardashian. Shanna took the chance and replied that he is not alone. In no time Kim Kardashian Instagram was full of hatred.

Why Shanna Moakler Hates Kim Kardashian

Shanna’s hate for the 40-year-old star is because she thinks her ex-husband Travis Barker had affairs with Kim Kardashian. She claimed that Kim is the reason behind her destroyed family. However currently Travis dating Kourtney Kardashian.

Shanna blamed Travis for having an extramarital illicit relationship with Kim. In an interview, she openly said that Kim broke her family. And now, her sister is doing the same. She also said that her children are distanced from her because of Kim and Kourtney.

The Alligations Are False

On Kim Kardashian Instagram when a fan asked her if she has ever had any affairs with Travis Barker. Kim answered that those allegations are false. She and Travis were always good friends and she is very happy for Kourtney and Travis. Kim at 40 may have failed in her marriages but her fans always love her and Kim Kardashian Instagram says it all.

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