Tesla’s Head Of Heavy-Duty Trucking Has Left The Company

Jerome Guillen, a critical executive at Tesla who was dealing with the turn of events and the possible creation of the Tesla Semi, has left the organization. Peruse this article to find out about it.

Guillen’s journey took place, only three months later, he transferred to his head the positions dealing with the Tesla Semi point of view, some of them still the environment and responsibilities of the head of the hard-line delivery.

Guillen was a very strong candidate in the election, even so much so that various parts of the organization. He started working at Tesla in 2010 and announced a direct relationship with CEO Elon Musk, who is the head of Program, Model, Year, etc., and only with a huge amount of effort, who, among other things, is the vice president of transportation design. He installed it on vehicles that need a guide, March 20 and 21 deliveries.

Tesla’s Head Of Heavy-Duty Trucking Has Left The Company

Tesla Semi, an electric semi-trailer on battery-operated, is still clear. It was first discovered by Tesla Semi in November 2017. It was planned to be created in early 2019 but was postponed. It will also launch It, which removes the top half of the screen.

In January, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in his Q4 2020 earnings call report that all projects available involve the car, and the car should participate in 2021. The performance of lithium-ion cells means that you only have limited options for building vehicles, Musk said on this topic. A quarter of a year later, He found that much progress had been made but stated that they were evolving.

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