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One Piece Episode 980 Release Date and Preview [Eng Sub]

One Piece Episode 985 Release Date, Time, Spoiler Alert, Recap, And Preview

Aren’t we eager to know more about the adventures of Monkey D Luffy? All of us are excited to know more about One Piece Episode 980. Keep reading to know the release date and other details. 

One Piece Episode 980 Release Date

“A Tearful Promise! The Kidnapped Momonosuke” the title of the new episode of One Piece will reach our screens on June 27, 2021. As of now no delay in this schedule has been announced.  This means that One Piece episode 980 will air in accordance with the schedule.

Where To Watch One Piece Episode 980?

The new episode of One Piece will be released digitally. You can take the delight of the new episode on Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Crunchyroll, Funimation. Moreover, these platforms ask for a subscription. Also, fans are requested not to use other platforms to watch their favorite animes.

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About One Piece

One Piece has a very interesting plotline. 22 years ago the great pirate dies. Also, before dying he lets people know that there is a secret treasure. Moreover, the treasure is called One Piece. The story follows the later part. Post this announcement, people were keen on making the treasure their own. For that, they start becoming pirates and try to acquire the treasure. With the same thought comes Monkey D Luffy. He tries to get the treasure, but he fails. That happens because he eats a fruit by the name Devil Fruit. And, by consuming that fruit, he loses the ability to swim. Later on, he grows with other pirates.

One Piece Episode 980: Release Date, Story And Watch Online

Luffy grows to become a big and strong boy. He defeats other pirates and keeps upgrading his skills and talents. The story of One piece traces the life of Monkey D Luffy. And, with his wish to acquire the treasure, he takes a lot of adventures in his hand. The entire plotline surrounds the life and the adventures of Luffy. And, it is for sure interesting to watch.

Genre: Adventure, Fiction, Fantasy


In the previous episode of One Piece, we did see Luffy, Law, and Kid fighting with one another. Also, it is to be noted that they defeated the Beast Pirates’ Ships. Moreover, we also saw that he freed 1,000 samurai. Moreover, they revealed the plan on Kin’emon’s side. In the new episode, we can expect Momonosuke to ask his friends and family to keep fighting. Furthermore, he may ask them to keep fighting without worrying about his fate. Moreover, Luffy and his crew may defeat any force that Kaido sends to harm them.

One Piece Episode 980 Preview

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