Solo Leveling Chapter 156 Release Date CONFIRMED: Discussion And Read Manga Online

Solo Leveling Chapter 156 Release date CONFIRMED. Keep reading to know more about  Discussion and read manga online.

Solo Leveling Chapter 156 Release Date

Solo Leveling’s upcoming chapter was scheduled to drop out on the 17th of June. But it got delayed due to some reasons, Further, the officials confirmed that the delay is taking place because of the bad health of the creator. As everyone read the previous chapter 155, everyone was eager to read the next chapter. However, they were a little disappointed. But also support the creator and for now, the chapter 156 release date is set to come out on the 1st of July. The time would vary depending on your geographical location.

Solo Leveling Chapter 156 Spoilers!!

There are no spoilers available at the moment. However, they usually come out few days before the release date and for now. It is still not confirmed that it would release and there is more probability that it would get delay again.


Solo Leveling chapter 156 Release date CONFIRMED: Discussion and read manga online

Previously In Chapter 155

Before Moving further to Solo Leveling chapter 156 Where to watch, let’s get a quick recap.

It was portrayed in the previous chapter that everyone in the world was surprised when they came across the biggest gate which appeared in Seoul. Hunter’s from all over the world came together in order to help Jin-Woo. He is known as the one and only hunter who is capable enough of facing such threat which came out to be unknown.

Solo Leveling chapter 156

On the other hand, Jin-Woo decides to spend some time on Kaisel with Hunter Cha so as to talk. Later, apologizes for what happened at the bath incident. Jin-Woo then comes across the realization that everyone was staring at them at the park. So he decided to take her to a more silent and area which is an isolated one.

Where To Read

If you want to cover more in the story of Solo Leveling and to see what more shall take place in the story, you can head to Tapas Media as the translated version is available there. Further, you will find Solo Leveling Chapter 156 there as well.

Solo Leveling chapter 156

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