Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74: Release Date, Plot, And Read Online

The amazing Japanese comic Dragon Ball Super is airing after two weeks. To know more about Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 Release Date, Discussion and Read Online, Read the following article.

Release Date

The amazing Comic Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73 is ended and Chapter 74 will be on air on 20 July 2021, Tuesday.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74:Time

The interesting Chapter 74 will be on air at 11.59 PM on Tuesday 20 July 2021.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74: Release Date, Discussion, And Read Online
Dragon Ball Super


Let’s get to know about the plot before entering into the upcoming chapter Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74.

After the failure of MajinBuu, Goku his family, and friends live peacefully. In order to support his family, Goku works as a farmer. In-Universe Seven, the second most powerful thing is Beerus, Who appears in the form of God of Destruction.

During the last War With Beerus, Goku transforms into Saiyan God. Beerus is impressed with Goku due to his efforts to save his planet. So he leaves the planet without destroying it.  Beerus’s brother who is the God of Destruction on his planet Six visits Beerus. His name is Champa.

He asks Beerus to declare competition between the Fighters(Super Fighters) to save his planet Six from Femine. He then announces the winner reward as Six Super Dragon Balls. These Balls have infinite Power. Goku and his friends decide to join the competition.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74: Release Date, Discussion, And Read Online

Each tournament has different levels and they expressed different surprises and different abilities.  After every tournament, everyone is impressed with Goku’s abilities. The semi-final match is between Goku and Hit. Due to reasons, Goku does not use his full power to fight against Hit. He quits the match. Due to the inspiring activities of Goku, Hit also quits the match.

In the finals, Beerus planet wins the competition. Beeru uses the Super dragon balls to save the universe Six, Champa enjoys the meal in his Universe. From this, the other interesting chapter is going to start. Undoubtedly Stay tuned with us to know more about Dragon Ball Super.


Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 Where To Read 

These comics are available in animated series in Crunchyroll.  In Addition to this, these comics are available in Legal sources like Viz media, WebToon, Vjump.

Similarly, you can catch Chapter 74 on the former-mentioned platforms.

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