One Piece Chapter 1019: Release Date, Recap, And Read Online

Exciting news for fans that have been eagerly waiting for the release of One Piece Chapter 1019! The Release Date and further details are out, and here’s everything you need to know about it.

One Piece Chapter 1918 Recap

Before moving further towards One Piece Chapter 1019 release date let’s get a recap.

“Jinbe vs Who’s Who”, was the title of Chapter 1918. Which showed an insight into how the fight between Jimbei and Who’s-Who reaches an end. The chapter starts with the Beast Pirates realizing that it was actually Tama’s big announcement that led to them becoming the new target. They believed that if they could somehow kill Tama, then their men would return to their side.

Furthermore, Zeus asks Nami if he can be her servant again. Nami does not agree and rather asks him to become her companion. Meanwhile, it is learned that the Headliners keep fighting attacking their own because of Tama’s orders. It is realized that the same situation is occurring throughout Onigashima. The chapter then reveals that because of the additional manpower the Beast Pirates have been outnumbered.

One Piece Chapter 1019: Release Date, Recap and Read Online

Meantime, Who’s-Who challenges Jimbei to release a powerful Moon Walk attack on him. As they fight, Jimbei asks if he holds some kind of resentment against Luffy for eating the Gomu-Gomu no Mi. However, he disagrees. He said that his grudge is actually against Shanks who stole the fruit in the first place. But since it was Luffy who inherited the straw hat and the fruit from Shanks initially, he thus became the target.

Later, the Beast Pirate enquires Jimbei and tells him that back in prison. A guard told him that slaves would pray to the Sun God, Nika, so that he would come and save them. He then asks if he really exists and gets to know that Jimbei worshipped him and gave him courage while he was in prison.

Further, let’s view when is the release of One Piece Chapter 1019.

One Piece Chapter 1019: Where to read?

The new chapter of the famous and widely read Manga series, Chapter 1 can be read online at Viz media and Mangaplus. These are the official sites and contain the digital release.

Back in the battle, Who-Who asks Jimbei if he has knowledge of this due to the fish-man’s past leadership of the Sun God and their slave origins. The chapter ends with Jinbe unleashing a new attack to smash Who’s Who since he believed that he was associating his race with slavery.

One Piece Chapter 1019: Release Date And Time

The new chapter is expected to air on 12th July 2021 at 1 am JST (Japan Standard Time). For other countries like India, it will be released at 9.30 pm on July 11th. For USA/Canada 10 am on July 11th, for UK 4 pm on July 11th, and elsewhere. Note that after the release of Chapter 1019, One Piece will be taking a weekly break.


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