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Solo Leveling Chapter 157: Release Date, Discussion, And Read Online

Solo Leveling Chapter 157: Release Date, Discussion, And Read Online

Solo Leveling an amazing animated comic. Read the following article to know more about Solo Leveling Chapter 157 its Release Date, Plot, Discussion, and Read Online

Solo Leveling Chapter 157: Release Date

Solo Leveling a Korean-based Comic series. The Comic Solo Leveling upcoming Chapter will be on air on 7 July 2021. Though, The comic chapter 157 was delayed for more than 2 weeks. However, now the date is confirmed.


Before moving further towards Solo Leveling Chapter 157, let’s get a quick recap.

The Earlier Chapter 156 begins in Korea. The Gates appear in the sky and a monster gate is going to open at the Hunters Association. B rank hunter is attacked by Monster and also Ma Dang Uk attacks a hunter with her teeth and other hunters witnessed this cruel incident.

Solo Leveling Chapter 157: Release Date, Discussion, And Read Online

Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling Chapter 157: Plot

In this Comic, the door separates the worlds of both the Human and the monster. The Residence of the monsters are called “Dungeon” and the Residence also has some evil things which attack the Human and one day the tunnel opens, the human becomes Mutated.


Ahaa! it’s getting interesting…The mutated Humans are known as Mugs(who have elemental power) and some have strength, speed and some have healing powers known as Hunters. These hunters are allowed to enter the Dungeon world and Based on the strength of both the Dungeon and Hunter their power is classified into S, A, B, C, D, E ranks.

Solo Leveling Chapter 157: Release Date, Discussion, And Read Online

Solo Leveling

The Hero of this Character is Sung Jin-Woo (Rank E), a low-powered Hunter (weakest) and also positioned in a lower rank. His family is a small circle consists of a mother who is in a coma and a Sister pursuing College. He has a friend Ju Hee (B rank) and also She is a Healer and Hunter.

He is weak and unfit to fight with the Monsters. Due to his family and poor economic conditions, he joins the Hunters association without interest. This Story flows interesting in the same way when he entered a D rank Dungeon and his struggle for survival. Let’s move on to Solo Leveling Chapter 157 read online.


Where To Read

To read this amazing comic, some legal sources are available. Solo Leveling is available on the authorized websites like TappyToon. These comics are also available in WebToon. This website has its own Website known as the Solo Leveling website.  

Likewise, you can catch the upcoming Solo Leveling Chapter 157 on the formerly mentioned platforms.

-Stay Tuned with The Global Coverage for amazing updates.

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