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Boruto Chapter 60: Release Date, Discussion, And Read Online

Boruto Chapter 60: Release Date, Discussion and Read Online

Boruto Chapter 60 Release Date and further information has been released and fans are quite excited to know more. Here’s all you need to know about it. Keep reading!

Boruto Chapter 60 Release Date

According to the official website, the Upcoming chapter of Boruto is expected to be released on the 20th of July. It will be aired on the MangaPlus website at 11 a.m. EST. Time may vary for international fans living elsewhere.

Where to Read?

Readers can access the Boruto Chapter 60 online, without subscription at MangaPlus and Viz (Shonen Jump). We’d highly recommend the fans to not read it elsewhere as it does not support the creators and producers and rather harms their creativity.

Boruto Chapter 60: Release Date, Discussion and Read Online

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Recap of Boruto Chapter 59

Before moving forward towards Boruto Chapter 60 spoilers, let’s get a quick recap.

Chapter 59, “Knight”, starts off with Young Code, now the leader of Kara, trying to defeat Young Kawaki. Code is envied by Kawaki. He is jealous of him for being the vessel and claims that he would’ve killed him otherwise.

After a while when Kawaki wakes up, Amado enquires if he still has nightmares. Kawaki exclaimed that he saw Code in his dreams this time. Kawaki got furious and claimed that Code is the same as he has always been before, jealous and always trying to defeat him. Amado instead makes Kawaki realize that it is him instead and that he will always be the vessel of Isshiki.

Kawaki gets enraged at this remark. Amado tries to think of a solution to make things better. He later asks if Kawaki wants some power as Amado could engrave Karma on Kawaki’s body. On hearing this, Kawaki gets infuriated and rushes back home.

Later, the story shifts to the scene of Code and Ada. When Code and Ada meet in Boro’s Winter Wonderland, Code discovers Ada’s weakness, that is, she is not good at combat.  They both come to a mutual decision that Ada will be his “eyes and ears” and that Code will be her Knight. Later in the chapter, she introduces Code to her little brother, Daemon, who has some unique powers and potential. Daemon was also her other knight. Let’s Move on to Boruto Chapter 60 spoilers.

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Boruto Chapter 60: Release Date, Discussion and Read Online

Boruto Chapter 60 Spoilers

We haven’t come across spoilers for the new chapter yet, but readers might find Code and Ada carrying their plan in the next chapter.

Keep up with The Global Coverage for the latest updates.

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