Shaman King Chapter 16: Release date, Time, Spoiler and Preview

Shaman King is an Amazing Japanese Series. To know more about Shaman King chapter 16 Release Date, Time, Spoiler, and Preview, read the following article.

About Shaman King

The first introduction of this interesting series is in 2001. Shaman King(2001 Tv). It had 64 episodes, and its first official release was from 4 July 2021 to 25 September 2002.  Its mere continuation is the Present famous Shaman king.

Shaman King Chapter 16: Recap

Previously in Shaman King Chapter 15 episode, the old geezer says to the group that Hao is Reincarcinated. Additionally, he is participating in the competition to become the Shaman King. The old Geezer also explains about the Pentagram room. It consists of Pent in its 5 corners.

Shaman King Chapter 16 Release date, Time, Spoiler and Preview
Shaman King

The pent has the power to see the future.  Yes, Fortune-telling power and also the power to control the arrogant, furious Shikigami.Hao, Asakura Hao has well trained all of the above. Hao has become famous all over the world. One day, Asakura Hao decides to destroy the humans and also to fill the whole planet with Shamans.

But his cruel decision has changed. Undoubtedly, when he visited the land of God he has foreseen his Future. Hao’s family decides to stop him from learning the pentagram due to his behavior. Now it’s too late. He already learned the whole concept of Pentagram. To know more about the future Chapters, just stay tuned with our Global coverage.

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Shaman King chapter 16: Release date

The release of this amazing Japanese series is on July 15, 2020.  Shaman King Chapter is released and will be released on Tokyo Tv.


Undoubtedly, Shaman King chapter 16 is an Amazing Japanese Series that is releasing at 5.55 PM on 15 July 2020 on Netflix and Tokyo Tv.

Where To Watch?

Unfortunately, this fantastic Shaman king 2021 new release is only available on Netflix. It is not available in Crunchyroll and Funimation. To know more about the Shaman King Chapter, stay tuned with us for more interesting and thrilling Updates.

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