Black Clover Movie Release Date, Preview, Spoiler, And Watch Online

Black Clover is a Japanese Movie. To know more about Black Clover Movie Release Date, Time, Spoiler And Preview/Watch Online Read the following article.

What is Black Clover?

A boy who borns in a magical world without magic. It’s his inborn curse and also he is an Orphan who grows in an Orphanage. His friend’s name Is Yuno. The hero of the story is Asta. Without the magical powers, he will be treated like the muggles in Harry Potter.

Asta who can’t retain his magical curse decides to develop his physical strength, whereas Yuno has the Power to control the wind as his wish. Additionally, Asta becomes strong without magic and decides to inherit the magic empire.

Black Clover Movie Plot And Cast

Undoubtedly, This film is expected to take place in Spade Kingdom Raid Arc, and also the story of the entire arc will be included in this, the part of the arc is already explained in Chapter 14. The cast of the movie of Black Clover has been confirmed. However, there is no proper information about the release date.

Minoka Siki is the composer for this movie, Itsuko Takeda is the designer for the Character. Additionally, Kumiko is the substitute character designer.

Black Clover Movie Release Date, Preview, Spoiler, And Watch Online

At last, Asta earns the five-leaf grimoire which is powerful and has an elf Sword and a devil who doesn’t have a body. Then, he and Yuno join the squad, undoubtedly a magic Squad. The rest of the story travels with their struggle to fight the dark forces.

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Black Clover Movie: Release Date

The famous Black Clover series has ended with 170 episodes which have become popular series in anime society. Now the official information for the movie is announced. Indeed The release of the movie is not yet officially announced. But the release may be expected at the end of 2021 or at the earlier 2022.


The teaser of the movie has been released recently. Black Clover, Movie Teaser has been released by JP anime on 21 April 2021.

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