Mieruko Chan Release Date Announced In 2021, Teaser Out

Mieruko Chan release date has been the one that we were so eagerly waiting for. And, right now we have more details about the release of the same. Keep reading to know more about the release. 

When Is The Release Of Mieruko Chan?

Mieruko Chan is a combination of Horror and Comedy. And, the release of the new Mieruko Chan adaptation is set to be done. The makers of the same are very eager to let us know more about the release. But, right now, we don’t really have a date. But, not to put your hopes down, the release of the same is expected to be in 2021. Moreover, it is very sure that we can expect the release to be in 2021. But, regarding the date, we still need confirmation. There are no details about the release date of Mieruko Chan.

The Plot Of Mieruko Chan

Isn’t it a very interesting thing to watch a combination of horror and comedy? Mieruko Chan is a mixture of both. The animation of this anime is done by  Passione Studio and there are very interesting elements in the anime. Also, the storyline traces the life of a girl who is the personification of comedy and horror. She ends up seeing supernatural things that the others cant see. And, with that superpower that she has, she chooses to ignore all that she sees. In that sense, she does see supernatural beings, but she doesn’t pretty much acknowledge them. Also, this attitude of hers leads to various hilarious and funny things that happen that have a mix of horror with the presence of supernatural beings.

Genre: Supernatural, Comedy

Mieruko Chan Spoilers

Right now, we don’t have spoilers regarding the new anime that is to be released. But, we can for sure take a read at the anime that is already out. But, we do have the storyline of the one that is to be released. It is for sure going to be a funny supernatural one. Also, the release date of the same is real soon. And, this means that you don’t have to wait really long for the release of the anime. Moreover, the 5th volume of the manga was out on March 22, 2021. And, fans can read the manga until the new adaptation of the story comes out.

Mieruko-Chan Releasing In 2021, Confirmed!

The Trailer Of Mieruko Chan

The teaser of the adaption is out. And, here is a preview of it. Also, there were two visuals that came out regarding the same. One of the visuals had a supernatural person standing behind it while the other one has none.

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