Will Demon King Academy Anime Continue After Kayaharuka Death?

After the confirmed death of Kayaharuka, the creator of The Misfit Of Demon King Academy, there lies a big question of if this will mark the end of the anime. So, if you are one among those who want an answer for it, keep reading to know more about the same.

The Death Of Kayaharuka

Square Enix has recently confirmed the death of Kayaharuka. Yes, it is really heartbreaking to know about his death. But, we also did know that he was already suffering from Pancreatic Cancer. With that being said, we also do know that he was undergoing medications for the same. Moreover, it is very sad to know that his last rites were being done this Tuesday. Though he was suffering from cancer, we still don’t have a clear answer to the reason of his death. There are a lot of claims that say that his death was due to an underlying medical condition. Whatever being said, we right now have no clear answer to the cause of his death.

The Misfit Of The Demon King Academy

The misfit of the Demon King academy is a very popular anime. Also, it is to be noted that the anime has a huge fan following. Moreover, anime has gained high popularity. The plot of the misfit of the demon king academy is about a king, who after wars and fights, have conversations with the human tribes. And, the story takes fascinating and interesting turns and with wars and fights coming up, it is a real good one. Also, the plot is amazing and is very intriguing to watch.

Will Demon King Academy Anime Continue After Kayaharuka Death?

Will The Misfit Of The Demon King Academy Continue?

We are still mourning the death of Kayaharuka. He is the creator and the illustrator of the series. Also, there is another question that comes up. And, that is about the continuation of the series post the death of the creator. Moreover, it is another sad thing to announce that the death of the creator marks the end of the anime.

Also, the anime was called out even before the death of Kayaharuka. It is to be noted that the anime was canceled due to the bad health of the creator. The Misfit of the demon king academy was published by Square Enix and the death of Kayaharuka was also let public by the same. Moreover, the team says that they will always cherish working with that team. Also, the misfit of the demon king academy will always remain a masterpiece. Though it is very heartbreaking to see our favorite anime getting stopped like this, we do know that the reason is very sad than this.

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Where To Watch The Misfit Of The Demon King Academy?

After the news of the death of Kayaharuka spread out like a wildfire, there are people all over wanting to know more. And, if you are new to anime, then you must watch the anime at least once to know the reason behind the hype of the same. And, you can take the delight of the anime on Crunchyroll. Moreover, the platform has anime with English subtitles.

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