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Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Arc Anime: Release Date, Time, Spoilers, And Watch Online

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Arc Anime: Release Date, Time, Spoilers, And Watch Online

We have great news for all the fans thinking that Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Arc season 16 was the end only end of Bleach! It’s official! The makers have announced season 18 of Bleach. Keep reading our article to know more about Bleach Season 17: Release Date, Time, Spoilers, and Preview/Watch Online.

Bleach Season 17

Bleach is a very popular Japanese Anime Action Thriller series that is based on Tite Kubo’s manga of the same name. On, the 20th anniversary of the manga series in March 2020, the producers announced that after waiting for 8 full years, a new season will air soon. With a total of 366 episodes and 16 seasons, it aired in Japan from October 2004 to March 2012.

Bleach Season 17 will be an adaptation of it from the maker Tite Kubo. Hence, the season will be titled “Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War Arc”.

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Arc Spoilers and Preview

Season 16 showed that Ichigo Kurosaki lost his powers, which he tried regaining. Later, the finale showed Ginjo and Ichigo’s fight with Tsukishima coming to an end. Later, a new group of soldiers called Wandenreich launched an attack. Furthermore, Ichigo agreed to keep on with being a Substitute Soul Reaper and thus had to save the Soul Society.

The official plot for season 17 has not been released yet, but we might have a few clues. The fans might notice Ichigo disappearing. The plot might also revolve around the Soul Society which is invaded by the secret group, Wandenreich. Hence, we expect the finale to give us answers to unattended questions of the finale in season 16.

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Arc Anime: Release Date, Time, Spoilers, And Watch Online

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Arc Anime: Release Date/ Time

Due to the pandemic and various other reasons, the production of the new season had been delayed. But, there’s good news! The date of the premier has not been officially announced, but the year has been. The new season of Bleach is expected to premiere in the late summer of 2021.

Where to Watch?

Fans can watch the previous Bleach seasons on Crunchyroll or Funimation. Bleach Season 17 is expected to release here too. Further, Bleach Manga can be read on Viz Media and Shenon Jump.

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