Rick And Morty Episode 8 Season 5 Spoiler And Release Date

Rick and Morty are back for another season and fans can not get enough of it. This is probably one of the best-animated shows in the past 5 years.  Some might argue differently but they can not deny the fact that this is one of the best shows ever. Since this is a weekly show on Adult swim one episode of the show releases every week. Last week we got to see the 4th episode of the show. So, you must be wondering why are we talking about Rick and Morty episode 8. well, another surprising this happened that made us wonder about the upcoming episode. Someone leaked the 7th episode of the show and now it is everywhere. People are watching the 7th episode via pirated channels and platforms. One of the best platforms that are providing the leaked content is Telegram.

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Spoiler of the episode 

Since Rick and Morty episode 8 is titled Rickternal Friendshine of the Spotless Mort. We can say that it is going to be a spoof of the classic movie eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. We all know that each adventure of Rick and Morty is related to space and other versions of their family members. So, in this episode, we could get to see Rick or Morty controlling the universe or something. However, the writing of the show is so perfect that we can not even begin to think about what will happen in the episode. So, it is best to wait for the episode and watch it on Netflix.

Rick and Morty episode 8 Release Date 

As we told you earlier episode 5 of the show will release on the 18th of July. So as of now the release date of the 8th episode is long-awaited. But if you have watched the leaked episode of Rick and Morty and can not wait for another two weeks then you have no other option. We should tell you that episode 8 will release on the 8th of August 2021. The episode is titled Rickternal Friendshine of the Spotless Mort. The episode can be watched on Adult swim directly. It is also available on the OTT platform Netflix. So, if you live in a country where Adult Swim is not available then Netflix can be your go-to this OTT platform.

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