One Punch Man Chapter 150: Release Date And Read Manga Online

The cliffhanger of Chapter 149 has hyped up the audience for another episode. Today, we will update everyone with One Punch Man Chapter 150: Release Date And Read Manga Online. So let’s get started. 


Spoilers, Preview And Recap

In chapter 149, we saw more of the fights with the monsters that were sent by the Monster Association. Later, when Fuhrer Ugly was in a fight with Golden Sperm, Homeless Emperor attacks Fuhrer. Golden Sperm helps Fuhrer to get back on his feet and Fuhrer quickly recovers. The fight continues, and Fuhrer gets defeated, but Homeless Emperor decides to let him go. Afterward, Golden Sperm switches his focus to Superalloy Darkshine. He tells him that he’s not capable of being an S-Class hero, and punches him.

The story moves ends at a place where King appears in front of Genos, unconscious Tatsumaki, and clones of Black Sperms. The ending was so exciting, that it left the readers in great suspense.

Further, any new spoilers or updates for One Punch Man Chapter 150 haven’t been leaked yet, but looking at the previous episode, we might expect a few things. Since King appeared at the fight scene, we will see what happens when he comes. Furthermore, we might also come across Fuhrer Ugly’s revenge on Garou.

We will update you once we receive more spoilers for the next episode. Let’s see its release date further.


One Punch Man Chapter 150: Release Date

We usually notice two chapters of One Punch Man being published every month. Since we’ve already got a new chapter this month, we expect One Punch Man Chapter 150 to be released by the end of this month, that is July 2020.

Where To Read Online?

The new chapter can be read online for free at VIZ mediaShonen Jump, and Mangaplus. Readers are advised to view the manga series at the official releases sites only, as it helps the creators and producers.

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