Solo Leveling Chapter 159: Release Date And Time Confirmed

After the release of Solo Leveling Chapter 158, you must be wanting to know more about Solo Leveling Chapter 159. Here we go with the details regarding the release of the new chapter. 

Solo Leveling – Plot

If you are here to read the release date of Solo Leveling, you can skip to the lower half of the article. But, for the ones new to this, here we have a quick glimpse at the plot of Solo Leveling.

The main element of the Solo Leveling is the Gate that forms the connection between the real world and the supernatural world that has monsters. Also, ordinary people in the world possess superpowers. Moreover, the superhumans were given superhuman abilities to make them capable enough to fight the beasts. And, humans like these are termed “Hunters” and they live together. A 20-year-old hunter Sung Jin Woo is known as the weakest of them all. But, he did show some act of bravery that was a result of the situation that he was in. He fought with monsters in the low rank to pay the bills of his mother’s hospital.

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The Mission

There is a mission that goes wrong. And, after this, Sung thinks that there is no one else surviving. Losing consciousness, he stays in the hospital. Three days later, he wakes up from sleep. And, there is a mysterious screen in front of him that has tasks that he has to complete. And, these tasks do come with other things. There are repercussions. If at all he fails to do the task, there will be punishments. Moreover, the tasks were surrendered to him in the form of “Quest Log.” Though Woo initially hesitates to take part, he then did. This was done to make him The world’s Worst hunter.

Yes, this takes the travel of the life of Woo and his adventures. And, there are very interesting twists and turns that happen here and there.

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Supernatural, Fiction

The Release Date Of Solo Leveling Chapter 159

The release date of The Solo Leveling Chapter 159 is to be out on July 21, 2021. Moreover, Solo Leveling has no hiatus as of now. Therefore, until a delay is said in the anime, you can always expect the new episode every Wednesday. In the same way, the new episode Solo Leveling will be out this July 21. Also, with respect to different time zones, we have different timings. The release of the new episode of Solo Leveling will be out at 9 AM PDT, 11 AM CDT, 12 PM EDT, 5 PM BST.

Solo Leveling Chapter 158: Release Date And Time Confirmed

Moreover, there are no details about the release of the English dub of the same. But, it is to be noted this series has a lot of fans worldwide. Therefore, the odds are that the release of the new chapter with the English dub will be out very soon. You can expect the new chapter to be out two or three days post the release of the original one.

Raw Scans Of Solo Leveling Chapter 159

As of now, there are no raw scans that came out regarding the new chapter of Solo Leveling. The raw scans are expected to be out on the same day as the release of the new chapter.

Solo Leveling Chapter 158: Release Date And Time Confirmed

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Spoilers Of Solo Levelling Chapter 159

Spoilers usually come out a day or two before the release of the new chapter. With that being said, we are sad to tell you that we don’t have spoilers right now. But, if spoilers are the real thing that is bothering you, then here is what can be done. The novel of the same is out already. And, that is already over. This means that you can know what to expect in the new chapter. You will get a very clear idea if you read that version. But, that may spoil your excitement as that may carry way too many details about Solo Leveling Chapter 159.

Where To Read Solo Leveling Chapter 159?

The internet is a vast one where you can find more content for free. But, not all of them are legal. The content of the series is copied and is uploaded to websites that are illegal and unidentified. This lets you read them for free but does not cause any good to the producers of the series.

Solo Leveling Chapter 158: Release Date And Time Confirmed

You can read Solo Leveling on Tappytoon comics. This has the legal rights to the series and therefore is the best option to opt for. Moreover, there is no official English website for the same. But, there are English translations online. Obviously, these are done by the boring ones. So, you do have some content on the internet regarding Solo Leveling.

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