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Top 5 Fighting Anime Trend on 2021 List | Goosebumps Anime Series

Top 5 Fighting Anime Trending In 2021

Are you a serious anime lover? Or are you one among those who love fight scenes? Here we have for you the Top 5 Fighting Animes that are trending in 2021. Take a look at it and pick your favorite for the season. We go from the top 5 to the best one in the last just to keep your curious minds satisfied. So, dive in. 

#5 Edens Zero

Eden’s Zero is a beautiful action fantasy. Also, this is much similar to the Fairy Tail anime. And, let me get into the backbone of Edens Zero. The story is illustrated by Hiro Mashima and came out in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonenen Magazine. Moreover, this took place in 2018. This fantasy is the tale of a boy who boards and flies across planets to find the cosmic mystical Goddess called The Mother.

Also, the Ether is something that is to be mentioned. This is the place where all the technologies get their power. Yes, you heard me right. Ether is the power source for all the technologies. Moreover, the entire fantasy of Edens Zero has this as its backbone. And, if you want to how, dive into the story. With the action being a part of the storyline, this anime is one of the best fighting animes. And, is the latest one too.

Plot Of Eden’s Zero

Without beating around the bush, let me get into the plot of the anime. This series takes its travel into a world where humans, robots, and aliens co-exist. Moreover, the main character of the anime is Shiki Granbell. And, he is an orphan and is therefore raised by robots. The place that he lives is called Granbell and is a deserted one.

Moreover, there are other two characters called Rebecca Bluegarden and Happy. Happy is a robot cat and is her companion. There is a mythical goddess called “Mother.” Rebecca and her companion Happy travels to Granbell to shoot videos. Moreover, both of them own an online channel known as Aoneko Channel. Also, the main aim of the channel is to show off Rebecca’s cat. But, to no surprise, both of them are driven out of the place by the robots. And, the duo starts moving in search of The Mother. And, thus the story goes.

Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure, Manga, Fiction

Where To Watch Edens Zero? 

You can watch Edens Zero on Netflix. Moreover, the anime is out only on Netflix Japan as of now. And, we do hope that it will be available to all the fans worldwide sooner. But, if you are outside of Japan you can for sure read this anime online on Crunchyroll. Also, we highly recommend that you refrain from using other sites to watch these animes. You must always know that using sites that don’t have the legal rights for publishing the anime will end up causing more harm to the producers of the anime.

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#4 SSSS. Dynazenon 

This is another fighting anime that is out in 2021 and is still ranked fourth. SSS. Dynazenon was founded in 2018. and, this was made right by Gridman Universe media. Moreover, the same is the co-founder of the anime. Moreover, it is re-directed by Akira Amemiya. She came out as the director of SSSS. Gridman. Also, the other staff of SSSS. Dynazenon is Keiichi Hasegawa who works as the scriptwriter and Masaru Sakamot who is the character Designer. Moreover, the background scores were perfectly tuned by Shiro Sagisu.

Top 5 Fighting Anime Trending In 2021

SSSS. Dynazenon – Plot

As already said, this is one of the fighting animes and the plot is about a high schoolboy. The boy happens to meet Gauma. Moreover, the normal high school life of the boy completely changes after this meet. So, let me tell you about Gauma. He is a Kaiju user. In enters the action sequence. The entire city is targeted by Kaiju and is attacked. At this time, the Kaiju User Gauma brings in a big robot. And, the robot is named Dynazenon. Furthermore, the aim of the robot is to destroy the monster. And, both of them together, needs to find what is behind them and put an end to all of these. The plot for sure has a lot of action in it already, right?

Genre: Kaiju, Mecha Anime

Where To Watch SSSS. Dynazenon?

You can watch SSSS. Dynazenon on Funimation. Moreover, this app asks for a subscription in order to watch the series. You can still watch them without a subscription to Funimation. But, you need to note that the release date for your favorite series will be a week or so late for the free users. Whatever be it, we again ask you to refrain from using illegal websites to watch your favorite animes.

#3 Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins aka SDS is the best fighting anime one can ask for. The plot of the same is very interesting. And, you must also note that this anime has a lot of audiences. Moreover, there is no against speaking.


The plot is sure to entertain minds and thus, the number of fans keeps increasing. And, if you wonder why so much hype is being given for the anime, read the glimpse of the plot below.

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SDS – Plot

The plot of this fighting anime is enthralling. The storyline is set in a place where Princess Elizabeth Lioness sets a mission to find the seven deadly sins. And, the seven deadly sins are the mightiest knights. In the mission she meets, Meliodas. Meliodas is the sin of wrath and the leader of all the sins. And, as the story progresses, they learn that they share a bond that dates back to thousands of years.

Genre: Adventure Fiction, Fantasy, Action

Where To Watch The Seven Deadly Sins?

You can watch all the episodes of The Seven Deadly sins online on Netflix. And, this platform has all the episodes of the anime. The platform also has the English dub of the series. Moreover, fans are highly requested that they forbid using other platforms for the series.

#2 Shaman King

Shaman King is another fighting anime and this is a Japanese manga series. This was initially illustrated by Hiroyuki Takei and later this got adapted into a television anime series. As of now, we have 64 episodes of this anime. This counting was done until 2002. Because later then, the anime got revamped and is produced by Bridge Studio. Here we go with the plot of the anime, The Shaman King

The Shaman King – Plot 

The plot of the story is about the life of a Shaman boy. The main mission of the Shaman boy is to sharpen his skills. So that he can become a Shaman King. So, if you are new to this, then you must be wondering who the Shamans are. The shamans are people who are extraordinarily talented. Moreover, they have the ability to talk with ghosts and even gods. And, these are supernatural talents that they have.

Top 5 Fighting Anime Trending In 2021

Because they are never visible to normal people. Also, there is something called the Shaman Fight. And, this happens once in 500 years. Moreover, this has all the shamans in the scene. And, they compete against themselves to become the best shaman and later wins the title of The Shaman King. Moreover, to become a Shaman King is a very special thing. This is because a shaman king has the talents to call in any spirit that they want. Also, they have the power to shape the world in the way that they want it.

Genre: Adventure Fiction, Supernatural Fiction, Action

Where To Watch The Shaman King?

The Shaman King will be aired on Netflix. Moreover, all the episodes of the anime will be out on this same platform. And, here you can watch the anime with English subs and dubs.

#1 My Hero Academia 

My Hero Academia is the best fighting anime as of now. And, there are 5 seasons so far. Season 5 of My Hero Academia just came out. And, fans are already out there seriously waiting for the release of the anime. Moreover, the anime has a beautifully crafted plot and the fans are huge. And, it is to be noted that this anime is the adaptation of the Japanese manga anime.

Top 5 Fighting Anime Trending In 2021

Plot Of My Hero Academia

The plot of My Hero Academia follows the life of Izuku Midoriya. He is a boy born with no quirks. Everyone has quirks and therefore, Izuku and his no quirks are new. So, if you are new to this anime, you must be already quizzed with the terms quirks. In simple terms, quirks are magic powers. Quirks are magical powers that make them superhumans. So, Izuku is born with none. But, he highly aspires to become someone with quirks. Moreover, he admires All Might. He is the best of all, with super quirks. And, there goes the journey of his life and adventures. Things that happen here and there make it very interesting to watch.

Genre: Adventure Fiction, Science Fantasy, Comedy, Action, Superhero Fiction

Where To Watch My Hero Academia?

All the episodes of My Hero Academia will be out on Funimation. Plus, this app has a series with English subtitles. Furthermore, the series is out on Crunchyroll.

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