How To Earn With Bizgurukul? Step By Step Process | How Do They Work?

All of us must be familiar with Bizgurukul by this time. And, this has been booming post the pandemic and the lockdown. The lockdown has made everyone work from home. And, if there is one thing that you can do at the leisure of staying at home is Affiliate marketing. And, Bizgurukul affiliate marketing is something that you need to know. Keep reading to know how to earn from Bizgurukul. 

What Is Bizgurukul And Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing? 

Bizgurukul is an affiliate marketing platform. And, it lets you earn while you work. Ritesh Tiwari, Ritwiz Tiwari, and Rohit Kumar Sharma are the founders of this company. Also, Bizgurukul is a company that is registered legally. Moreover, the company is registered under the Companies Act 2013. This platform is a Bizgurukul Affiliate marketing platform. This one gives you knowledge about Skill Development courses. These courses are related to Entrepreneurship and other holistic developments.

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Moreover, this platform not only is an e-platform but is also a Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing platform. Using this platform, you can also earn money. Though this is not a career option, you can earn a little much that is needed for you. Using this platform you can choose to get commissions for calling in other people into the same place. And, as people join with the references, you get a commission. This is how it works. Don’t worry, we have more clear details. Continue reading.

Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Courses

Bizgurukul offers you to choose the package that you want. Three different packages come with different budgets. The three courses are Gold, Sapphire, and Platinum. You can choose to get these packages and your commission is according to this only. Here I have the detailed price details about the packages.

Gold – Rs. 3499 | Here you get a commission of 2000 per deal that you make

Sapphire – Rs. 5999 | Here you get a commission of 2000 – 4000 per deal that you make

Platinum – Rs. 9999 | Here you get a commission of 2000 – 7000 per deal that you make

How To Earn With Bizgurukul? Step By Step Process | How Do They Work?

You can check the official website ( of Bizgurukul to know more about the courses that they offer you. There is a more detailed description of the courses that they provide you with. Moreover, you can also know about Bizgurukul affiliate marketing on the website.

How Do I Earn Using Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing?

There are affiliate marketers who go around approaching people and convincing them to join Bizgurukul. You can choose to join Bizgurukul affiliate marketing by using the reference code given by them. Usually, affiliate marketing won’t ask you to give any kind of investment prior. But, this asks you to make a purchase of a package and start your job right from there. For that, you need to choose the package according to your need. The three packages are Gold, Sapphire, and Platinum.

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Once you are a member of it, you will be added to a team with 10 members there. And, there will be ahead to lead you. The head is the one who has the highest pay as of now. The main job that you need to do in this Bizgurukul Affiliate marketing platform is to add people to the board. Once you add people, they proceed the same that you do. You will be paid a commission amount as and when you add in people. You have targets and you need to convince people to join Bizgurukul. This is how it works.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way where you get commission while promoting and selling products. There are a lot of things that are newly produced and they need to be sold. Instagram Influencers, bloggers, and others who have an influence on people are potential affiliate marketers. But today, everyone can choose to become one. You need to choose a place that asks for Affiliate marketing and join there. And, with everything that you sell, you get paid. Note that this is not any kind of salary that you get. But, is rather called the commissions where you get paid only if someone buys what you promote.

There are a lot of negative sides to this. Though affiliate marketing seems to be more of a new concept, you need to know more about it. There are high chances that you may fall prey to fake products. Therefore, it is always good that you do prior research on the place that you do affiliate marketing. Bizgurukul is one such place where you can get commission while selling their products.

The Pros And Cons List Of Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing

Whenever there is something new in the market, it is always good that you put a pros and cons list before you step your feet into it. And, here is what you need to know. The main pro is that you for sure get some money in your pocket. But, at what cost? Moreover, the content that they provide you in the course is not that worthy that you get to pay for it. And, you need to think properly before you invest in this. For any kind of affiliate marketing, you need not pay any kind of investment. But here you need to pay. Well, that is something that you need to look into. Is it worth investing your money in?

The courses are very costly and people say that they are not actually worth the price. They are mostly filled with webinars and things that you can find for free online. Yet, there are people who think this is a very good learning platform. That is upon you. If you are a college-going student or you want to add some bucks to your pocket money, then this may be one good platform.

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FAQ About Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing

There are a lot of questions that come up with regards to this. And, here are a few. We have collected some of the top questions and have come up with the answers also.

#1 Is Bizgurukul Legal?

After the huge fame of Bizgurukul, there is a question about the legality of this. Bizgurukul is perfectly legal and is registered. If you want to invest here but are worried considering its legality, then you have a green signal here.

#2 Is Bizgurukul Safe To Earn Money?

If this question is regarding online job scams, then Bizgurukul isn’t one among them. If you are okay with investing in this by paying the money to purchase the package, then this is a safe way to earn money. You can for sure earn money and the commission will be credited to you on time.

#3 Is Bizgurukul Worthy?

Bizgurukul is an online learning website. Also, it allows you to earn money through Bizgurukul affiliate marketing. This affiliate marketing platform asks you to pay before you start. If you need to add some bucks to your pocket, then you may opt for this. But, make sure that you already have some, you need to invest in here. But, if you are in here for some real learning, then you need to find another place.

#4 Can I Make Money Out Of Bizgurukul? 

Yes, you can. This is one online affiliate platform where you can earn. You make money when someone purchases the course on your recommendation. This is a safe platform and is legal too. Also, this provides you with e-learning.

#5 Can I Invest In Bizgurukul?

Yes, you can if you want to. But, before that, here is what you need to know. Bizgurukul affiliate marketing can help you earn. But, you need to know that you are not learning anything from the classes that they take. Also, you are convincing someone into learning the same that didn’t benefit you. To your conscience, that may not be the right thing to do. There are other affiliate marketing platforms that don’t ask you to invest.

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