Neru: Way Of The Martial Artist Chapter 4 Release Date, Recap & Where To Watch

Neru: Way Of The Martial Artist Chapter 4 Release Date, Recap, & Where To Watch

So, Guys here we are with the new addition to The Shonen Jump Manga collection i.e Neru: Way of the Martial Artist. Read the following article to know more about the Neru: Way Of The Martial Artist Chapter 4 release date, recap, where you can catch this weekly manga.

Neru: Way Of The Martial Artist: Plot

Neru is a weekly manga brought to you by The Shonen Jump and this is a mainstream Japanese story of a boy who is a bit excited and is surrounded by an environment where people are figuring out what they want to do in their lives. On the other hand, our Protagonist just wants to excel in martial arts. He is a disciple of his grandfather and wants to be like him one day. Akebi a girl who is a Martial artist herself founds out that our protagonist has a keen interest in Martial Arts. Likewise, she challenges him to a fight and then leads him to the Place of his dreams and opens new doors for him.

Neru: Way of The Martial Artist Chapter 4 Where to Watch

Chapter 4 can be read with all its existing chapters For Free on The ‘ Viz ‘.


It consists of two main characters firstly our Protagonist Neru. Neru is a boy who is full of excitement. The other character is Akebi a martial artist who is saved by Neru from being harassed. Later this leads Neru to a Martial arts school. Akebi’s Brother is a student a the martial arts school and a seasoned warrior. It is expected we will see them as a part of Chapter 4.

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Before moving further with Neru: Way Of The Martial Artist Chapter 4, Let’s get a quick recap.

Neru while figuring out what he has to do in that quest he discovers that he is drawn towards Martial Arts Like his Grandfather. On his way home he finds out that some guys are harassing a girl. Moreover, Neru saves the girl from those guys. That Girl ‘Akebi’ got hands-on Neru’s book which he got from his Grandpa and came to know that Neru has an interest in martial arts. She wears a Mask and challenges Neru and Defeats him and tells him about The Martial Arts school.

The story moves forward in Neru: Way of The Martial Artist Chapter 2 as Neru reaches the school with Akebi. She informs Neru about the 18 Martial Arts techniques which can be further broken down into many other techniques. Neru gots amazed by this. Also, he comes to know that Akebi has a brother who is already a student of the school. Then Neru fights against Akbi’s Brother and eventually loses the fight as Akebi’s Brother was a seasoned fighter.

Neru: Way Of The Martial Artist Chapter 4 Release Date, Recap, & Where To Watch

After that, he is questioned for his flat foot to which he takes pride in telling that ‘ It flows blood back to his heart’. There he came to know that to fight again Akebi’s Brother needs to get Top scores Not in Physical skills. Also in academics and this leaves Neru in shock marking the end of Neru: Way of The Martial Artist Chapter 3.

Neru: Way Of The Martial Artist Chapter 4 Release Date

Neru Chapter 4 is set to release on August 1st, 2021. This makes it to release after 12 days As the previous edition of the Manga was released on 18th July 2021.

Reviews And Ratings

The show has got some sort of mixed reviews from Manga lovers. As with the slow start in chapter 1, it got very low scores but eventually, the Manga grab some Pace. Now the manga lovers have their hopes highs in turning Neru: Way of The Martial Artist to be a Martial Arts and Sports centric Manga. but they are a bit skeptical of it to turn the other way around.

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What To Expect In Neru: Way of The Martial Artist Chapter 4

Getting mixed reviews from the previous 3 chapters? it can be very obvious to expect that Chapter 4 can prove to be a table turner from both ends.

~And until Next time Leaving you to explore a Martial Artist within you.

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