Spy X Family Chapter 50 Release Date, Time, And Preview

The new chapter of Spy X Family is here. As we have updates about Spy X Family Chapter 50 all that you need to do is read and enjoy. Keep reading to know more. 

Spy X Family – Plot

I know you are super excited to know more about Spy X Family Chapter 50 release date and other information circling that. But, if you are new to this, you must be very eager to know about the plot of the story. And, here we go entangling the details of the plot for you. Moreover, you need to know that this is very interesting to read.

The name of this manga is very clear to give you insights into the story. And, Agent Twilight is the main character of the story. And, this follows his life. Moreover, he is an elite spy. And, he is being bestowed with a very important task to do. And, that is called Operation Strix. Moreover, the mission of this operation is too near the reclusive Donovan Desmond. Donovan Desmond is the national unity party leader. And, according to Operation Strix, Twilight has to make sure that he prevents Desmond from causing disruption to the peace between the two nations. Also, the two nations in concern are Ostania and Westalis.

Spy X Family 

This is not an easy task for the agent. Plus, for completing this task, he needs to whip up a family out of nowhere. And, he also needs to enroll his child in the Eden Academy. Also, this has to be done as Donovan is known to come to that academy now and then. But fortunately or unfortunately he gets to find a family. And, his new fake family has a wife and a daughter. And, to the surprise of all of us, he makes all of these within a week’s time. Also, his new family is called the “Forger” from now.

Spy X Family Chapter 50 Release Date, Time, And, Preview

Now, there lies the twist in the story. His family has many more secrets. He hides the fact that he is a spy, but his family hides other facts too. His wife is an assassin and his daughter Anya is a telepath. You must already be hyped to read this. Moreover, hilarious situations arise that make things funny in their household. Despite having their personal roles already, they try to make it look like a regular family. And, this is for sure a treat for all of us.

When Is The Release Date Of Spy X Family Chapter 50? 

The new chapter of Spy X Family is about to be released. Moreover, we have details about the release date of Spy X Family Chapter 50. The release date of the new chapter of Spy X Family is July 25, 2021. Moreover, the time of the release is also out. The new release is scheduled to happen at 12:00 AM JST. The time is sure to differ for people in the other time zones depending upon the place that you live in. Here we have some timings with the time zones for your ease. The new chapter of Spy X Family is to be out at 9 AM PDT, 11 AM CDT, 12 PM BST, 5 PM BST, 12:30 AM ACT. Also, you can be sure about the release date as it has been officially announced by VizMedia.

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Where To Read Spy X Family?

You can read Spy X Family Chapter 50 and the other previous chapters online. Moreover, VizMedia and MangaPlus are the two places that have the legal rights for the series. And, you can read them online. And, both of these websites allow readers to read the content free for the first 7 days. Later then, you will have to pay for their services. But, we highly recommend you to use these websites even though you can find other places to get them for free. Those unidentified websites will cause actual harm to the producers and therefore, refrain from doing so.

Spy X Family Chapter 50 Release Date, Time, And, Preview

Raw Scans And Preview

Sadly, we don’t have the raw scans or the preview of the same. There are no raw scans or spoilers that are out yet. Therefore we need to still wait for the release of the same. But, we do have the trailer of the same. The trailer of Spy X Family is out and we can watch that here.

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