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Diamond No Ace chapter 257: Release date, Spoiler and Preview

Diamond No Ace chapter 257: Release date, Spoiler and Preview

Diamond No Ace also known as Ace of Diamond is another amazing Japanese manga. It is one of its own kind and has grabbed love from all over the world. Now the release of the Diamond No Ace chapter 257 has been on wait for Long. This has increased the hype in the hearts of its fans. So do you want to know about the next chapter of Diamond No Ace? Well, then this is the correct place for you. Get everything from the Release date, spoilers, and preview here. So let’s begin!!

First of all, let’s get a basic of Diamond No Ace.

What’s Diamond No Ace? 

Ace of Diamond is a Japanese baseball-themed manga series. It is written by Yuji Terajima. It first came into the market as a weekly sequential manga series. It almost ruled the entire 2006 to 2015.

Then in August 2015, it made its comeback as Ace of Diamond Act II. Now the thirst is for the next episode i.e Diamond No Ace Chapter 257.

Diamond no Ace chapter 257

Diamond No Ace Chapter 257: Release Date

So for the ones who have been following the manga consistently. Let’s move to the most important question. What’s the release date. So yes chapter 257 of Diamond No Ace will release on 5th August.

Actually, the manga is on a few week’s break. This is sometimes due to technical reasons and also sometimes to increase the hype. So yes the next chapter will be released in the first week of August. It will be made available for everyone on the official site.

Spoilers and Preview:

As of now, in the last Episode, Sawamura is affected by Miyuki. He thinks Miyuki doesn’t consider him a competent one. So the first expected spoiler is that We may see Sawamura train and work harder. This will prove his presence to Miyuki.

Also, the second spoiler is that, as we know this is almost the last time we see them together. So all of the team members will give their best training effort. This will be for the preparation for finals against Inajitsu.

This was all about Diamond no Ace chapter 257.

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