Dr. Stone Chapter 206 New Release Date, Spoiler, And Watch Online

The release of the new episode of  Dr. Stone release date is out. As we have the updates about Dr. Stone Chapter 206 all that you need to do is read and enjoy. Keep reading to know more about the Dr. Stone Chapter 206 Release Date, Spoiler and where to watch online

Dr. Stone Chapter 205 Recap

Dr. Stone Chapter 206 is coming soon! So let’s have a quick recap of Chapter 205. Previously in Chapter 205 of Dr. Stone Manga titled “Universe of Zeroes and Ones”, Sai claims that he wants to be a computer programmer. Sai and Ryusui had a deep conversation about human mathematical ability and computer programming ability in a more helpful way. 

Ryusui wants Sai to use his mathematical ability but he thinks that he is wasting too much of his knowledge in playing mobile games. From childhood, Ryusui wanted Sai to pursue his ability in a better way but Sai said it was out of his control. The entire crew found a way to reach India because they think it is the country of Math. Ryusui quoted the words of the mathematician Galileo Galilei.  Kohaku gets more excited about moving to India, even though she has no clue about maths and the math city.  At last, Sai fled to India where he can pursue his favorite programming.

Sai deeply desires to become a programmer. But his dream vanished when he realized that there weren’t any computers yet. So he asks Senku the time duration required to build a new computer. Sai got shocked and cried after hearing that it will take at least five years before they build a working computer. Sai’s entire room wall was covered with codes designed for Dragon Quest, making Senku create a computer in Stone world. The entire crew talked about the Nasa whereas Senku was worried about the rocket function.  He knows very well that if it doesn’t work properly then it may end up with the death of every individual.

Let us wait to know what happens in Dr. Stone Chapter 206.

Dr. Stone Chapter 206 New Release Date, Spoiler And Watch Online

Dr. Stone Chapter 206 Spoiler Alert!

Usually, spoilers come out two or three days before the release of the new chapter. So, sadly we don’t have many spoilers of Dr. Stonen Chapter 206.

Does Senku have the ability to build a computer? Does his dream of becoming a computer programmer come true? Can he prove his ability and skills to his crew? Does Senku’s fear of having a failed mission occur? Does his crew member’s attempt to go to space come true? So in Dr. Stone Chapter 206 we can actually expect to see some really worthy answers to all our questions.

Now you might have already been hyped to read this. So, let us calmly wait for the release of the upcoming new Chapter 206 of Dr. Stone.

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Dr. Stone Chapter 206 Release Date

After the release of Dr. Stone Chapter 205, here we are waiting for the release of the new chapter.  Now sit tight and wait because the release of Dr. Stone Chapter 206 is about to be out on August 9, 2021.

This chapter release is a bit longer than the usual weekly release as it takes a two-week break.  And, this is because the creators of the Dr. Stone anime, Boichi, and Riichirou Inagaki, are taking a short break to do research says Anime News Network.

Science plays a crucial role in Dr. Stone’s storyline. Hence, the fans should know well that the authors of the anime deserve the required time to come up with brainstorming ideas.

Dr. Stone Chapter 206 New Release Date, Spoiler And Watch Online

Where To Watch?

You can read the popular Japanese manga, Dr. Stone Chapter 206, and other previous chapters online on VizMedia and MangaPlus. Here, you can read the first three chapters of Dr. Stone for free and it also asks you to have a subscription to read the further chapters free for the first seven days.

Also, we highly recommend you to use only these platforms to view that anime. Avoid using unidentified online platforms that do not own the required legal license.  Because it can cause harm to the producers of Dr. Stone.

The anime is totally interesting and I’m sure that you will get glued to it from now onwards to know more about Dr. Stonne Chapter 206. Try watching the chapter of Dr. Stone and I’m sure you will like them as many.


1. Where can I read the chapters of Dr. Stone Chapter 206

The readers can read the new chapter and other previous chapters of Dr. Stone on VizMedia and Mangaplus

2. When is the release date of Dr. Stone Chapter 206

The Release date of Dr. Stone Chapter 206 is 9th August, 2o21

3. When was Dr. Stone initially get released?

The first Chapter of  Dr. Stone was released on 6th March 2017

4. Why is it getting delay in the release of Dr. Stone Chapter 206?

The release of the anime is delayed because the creators require time to make research.

5. What does Sai dreams to become?

Sai dreamed to become a computer Programmer with his mathematical ability.

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