Boruto Episode 209 Spoiler Alert! Release Date, Time & Preview

We all know the huge fan base of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. As soon as the one episode is released, the hype for the next one arises. Boruto Episode 209 is going to be released soon. Now fans want to know about Boruto Episode 209 Spoiler, release date, and everything about it. Boruto comes up with another level of twists and plots every time. It would not be wrong to say that it’s the most loved anime of all time. So do you also want to know everything about Boruto Episode 209? Then you’re at the correct place. Let’s get to know everything here in one place. Let’s begin now!!!

Boruto Episode 209 Release date:

Before talking about the Boruto Episode 209 Spoiler, let’s clear the release date. The episode is still expected to be released this Sunday i.e 25 July. But since the Tokyo Olympics are going on, it may change accordingly. According to some sources, the Boruto episode 209 will be delayed at least by a week. This delay would make each fan go crazy for the spoilers of the next episode.

Boruto Episode 209 Spoiler Alert! Release Date, Time & Preview

The streaming platform Crunchyroll would be providing the episodes as per the release.

Previously On Boruto!

Before heading towards Boruto episode 209 spoiler, let’s get a quick recap.

Previously on Boruto episode 208, we witnessed an intense battle between Boro and Boruto. Boruto’s new form in his unconsciousness shocked everyone.

Boruto defeated Boro and returned to his older form. Although he didn’t remember anything about his form. Also, Team 7 took Naruto back to Konohagakure. Also, Kawaki has now started to feel good with Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki. Boruto episode 209 is going to be a continuation of this journey.

Boruto Episode 209 Spoiler:

Now let’s talk about the expected spoilers of Boruto episode 209.

Boruto episode 209 is titled ‘The Outcast ‘. It’s gonna come with many answers to the audience’s mind. In the next episode, we will witness the meeting of Himawari and Kawaki. Himawari would be reacting a little strangely. This may have two meanings. Either she knows something about Kawaki or she is worried about something. Boruto episode 209 is going to revolve between Kawaki and Himawari. There’s expected to be a big reveal from the past. Something related to Kawaki and Boruto would change everything. This was all about Boruto episode 209 spoiler till now. More information will be updated soon.

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