Run On Season 2 Release Date, Recap, And What To Expect

Run On Season 2 Release Date, Recap And What To Expect

Run on is a Korean tv show. season 1 was a huge hit among the audience so much so it was later streamed on Netflix. Now with season 1 wrapped up recently and no news about a possible sequel for quite a time now fans are wondering will they ever get one. In this article we talk about will Run on Season 2 is going to happen or not. So be sure to read the complete article.

Recap- Run on Season 1

Before moving further with Run On Season 2 Release Date, Let’s Recap first what went on in Season 1.

Run on Season 1 revolves around the Love Story of Ki Seon-Gyeom and Oh Mi-Joo. Ki Seon Gyeom was once a popular Sprinter representing his country at the national level. Due to a legal case, he quit the sport. He was good at one thing that was sport so after losing his only livelihood he began working as a sports agent. On the other hand, Oh Mi-Joo decrypts movies that are, She writes subtitles for movies. She was thrilled When they show her name in the end credits for the very first time. Upon meeting Ki Seon-Gyeom, She felt as if it was her destiny to meet him.

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Run On Season 2 Release Date, Recap, And What To Expect

Seo Dan-A is the CEO of a sports agency but is neglected when it comes to being a successor due to her gender. Although she is the only daughter of the man who runs the agency- Seomyung Group. She lives fiercely to take back what rightfully is hers. Lee Young-Hwa appears in her life afterward. He is a University student from an arts background who enjoys movies and drawing.

How these two couples fell in love and what happened then form the rest of the story.

What To Expect

Unfortunately, Netflix or the Showrunners hasn’t announced anything regarding Run on Season 2. But in case it happens we expect the story to follow where Season 1 ends and introduce some new characters in the show. The story can also introduce a completely different cast with a different storyline. Only time will tell which would it be.

Release Date 

Run on Season 1 has garnered a huge audience response so if there will be a Season 2 we might expect to get an announcement anytime in the next 2-3 months. Is Season 2 is on cards? We definitely can’t rule out the possibility yet. The show was a huge hit and most probably will return.

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