Cliffhanger Release Date, Preview, Plot, And Spoiler Updates

Cliffhanger Release Date, Preview, Plot, And Spoiler Updates

Cliffhanger is an upcoming South Korean mystery, thriller, and action drama series. The story revolves around the mystery of the mountain found at Jiri. The many people who come to the mountain get lost and they need to be rescued by rangers. Most of the people who come there are criminals who come to murder someone at the mountain. Along with them another group who come there are people who want to commit suicide. It becomes the ranger’s job to stop murdering and save people who want to commit suicide. Lots of people who get lost trekking are also helped by the rangers. If you are here to know the release date, preview and spoilers then keep reading the article.

Preview Of Cliffhanger

Though the story revolves around the mystery of mountains, the series is given life by the characters that are portrayed. Seon Yi Kang who is a ranger knows the mountain very well. Moreover, She intuitively knows how to travel the mountain, how to search for lost hikers. She has a partner who is a graduate of the military academy. After encountering a horrible incident at the mountain, he becomes a ranger at the mountain and becomes a partner to Seon Yi Kang. The head of the ranger unit Jo Dae Jin is a hard worker and a perfectionist.

Cliffhanger Release Date, Preview, Plot, And Spoiler Updates

Further, He works very hard at maintaining peace at the mountain and makes sure he catches any criminal if spots them. These are the main characters who maintain harmony at the mountain. As they suspect some supernatural things at the mountain they become more interested in the mountain as to what secrets the mountain could be holding.

Spoilers of Cliffhanger

There is no official spoiler of cliffhanger yet. Although most of the drama viewers have become fans of Cliffhanger by knowing just the preview. It is a thriller series that will hold some jaw-dropping scenes. There will be sad moments in the story. Also, there are many mysteries surrounding the story and it will be interesting to see all those mysteries solved by the rangers. Along with the mysteries of the mountain, there will be a lot of juicy stories of the trekkers who come to explore the mountain.

Moreover, Seo Yi Kang knows the mountain very well and it would be helpful when figuring out where the mountain climbers have come. They need to pison the criminals who come to the mountain and stop all criminal activities. Further, These are the spoilers that are available yet. As for the release date of Cliffhanger, read below.

Cliffhanger Release Date, Preview, Plot, And Spoiler Updates

Release Date of Cliffhanger

Cliffhanger will be released on 23 October 2021. Fans are eagerly waiting for the episode. Likewise, The Series will comprise a total of 16 episodes and nobody is certain as to whether another season of cliffhanger will be released after the end of 1st season. As of now, no one knows where one can watch it.


There is no official trailer of Cliffhanger yet. Furthermore, There are a few fan-based trailers that are not accurate as to what will happen in the series of Cliffhanger.

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