Nikki Stanton and Sam Kerr Split? Everything about Rumors!

Nikki Stanton and Sam kerr split

Do you know Nikki Stanton and Sam Kerr, the famous women soccer players? Then you must be knowing about their relationship too. Well, there are many rumors going on the market regarding that. Know everything about their relationship status here. Whether this news is true or just a hoax! So let’s begin now and know everything here.

Who are Nikki Stanton and Sam Kerr?

Before knowing about their relationship status and love life. Let’s know about them a bit. Okay, so they are one of the most loved women soccer players of Australia. They have been doing wonders with their respective teams for years now. Talking about Sam Kerr is the captain of the Australian Women’s National Soccer team of Matildas. Whereas Nikki Stanton is a mid-field player from the team Chicago Red Stars. Nikki Stanton is 30, and Sam Kerr is 27 and both gave their huge part of life to soccer. From their high schools only they started ruling the field of soccer.

Nikki and Sam Relationship?

Correctly said by someone that love has no definite shape. It’s a beautiful feeling way above all prejudice and barriers of this world. Nikki and Sam are the prime examples of that. Both were dating each other for a long time. Finally, they came out and shared their sexuality with society.

Nikki Stanton and Sam kerr

When did this start?

So it started when in 2016 they were signed by Sky Blues of New Jersey. They started to know each other from that time. But they actually got close in 2018. From 2018 they started playing together for Chicago Red Stars. Things went really good since then. Both on-field and off-field, this Australian Couple did make a perfect match.

Then finally in March 2021 they came up and made their relationship official. They are often seen posting pics of each other on social media handles. Both are incomplete in love with each other. Nikki Stanton and Sam Kerr have been inspirations for many. They did the same during Pride month this year. They stood for their relationship again and portrayed a perfect example of Love.

Nikki Stanton and Sam Kerr

Nikki Stanton and Sam Kerr Split?

Well, all these are just speculations till now. No official updates have been there from either side. This hoax or rumor started as they both didn’t post any pic of them together, in recent times. But this doesn’t confirm that they have split up.

Moreover, this may be just due to the Tokyo Olympics. We all know that Tokyo Olympics is going on. You must have noticed Sam Kerr having the opening goal in a match against New Zealand. So the games may be a reason. Both Sam Kerr and Nikki Stanton have always given priority to their career. Maybe that’s why they’re focusing more on that right now.

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