Record Of Youth Season 2 Release Date, Time, And Renewal Status

Record Of Youth Season 2 Release Date, Time, And Renewal Status

This year has been a bash for all Korean fans. Newer and interesting K-drama unleashes every now and then. And, hello! Let me introduce you to the Record Of Youth,  youth drama series. With Season 1 already premiering, there are talks about the release of Record Of Youth Season 2. And, here we have all that you might want to know. Keep reading. 

When Is The Release Date Of Record Of Youth Season 2?

Record Of Youth started out with its release on September 7, 2020. Also, there are 16 episodes as of now. Moreover, episode 16 is the season finale and the season ends there. Therefore there are widespread talks about the release of a new season. Yes, with the mass audience that it has by its side, there is no doubt that fans are awaiting a new season to be out. But, as of now, we have no information about the release of Record Of Youth Season 2.

That doesn’t mean that it comes up with an abrupt end. As of now, there are no official announcements about the cancellation of the series also. Therefore, you may expect the series to be renewed and spin-off with a season 2. Moreover, the release may be delayed a bit due to the ongoing pandemic. This means that, once things start pacing up with their normalcy, we might expect a word about the renewal of the series. Therefore, let us wait to see if there are talks about Record Of Youth going under production. Also, the odds are that we might hear it from the makers of the series real soon.

Where To Watch Record Of Youth Season 2?

Record Of Youth is produced by TvN. Therefore, you can watch them out there. But, this is only for the fans from Korea. But, let me not put down the hopes of people from other parts of the world. We also have Netflix. Netflix has the rights to stream this K-drama. And, since Netflix has the legal rights, we can expect Record Of Youth season 2 to also be out on the same platform. Also, you can watch season 1, now!

Record Of Youth Season 2 Release Date, Time, And Renewal Status

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Cast Of Record Of Youth Season 2

Right now we don’t really know if the series is out for production. If by all means, we have a renewal schedule, then we speculate that the same characters from season 1 will pull out for Season 2. With that being said, we can expect Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam to take their roles as Sa Hye Jun and Ahn Jeong Ha respectively. Other than that Record Of Youth season 2 may also have Woo-Seok Byeon, Kwon Soo-Hyeon, Hie-ra Ha, Jin-Hie Han.

Plot Of Record Of Youth

The plot focuses on modeling. This is a drama series and has its light shed on 2 main characters. Sa Hye Jun, Won Hae Hyo, and Ahn Jeong Ha. Sa Hye Jun and Won Hae Hyl are models who aspire to become an actor. And, in the due course, they meet Ahn Jeong Ha, a makeup artist. The story is all about the life of the three of them. And, as we know modeling is not child’s play. The three of them face their own ups and downs and that leads to the interesting stories that come along.

Season 1 is already out and all the 16 episodes are there for you to watch. We are anticipating the release of Season 2 but, as of now, we know nothing. With that being put ahead, let us wait until we learn about the plot, cast, and other information regarding Record Of Youth Season 2.

Genre: Korean Drama, Youth, Romance


As of now, we have no official trailer for Record Of Youth season 2. Just like I said, there are no talks about the release of the new season or even the renewal. Therefore, we are out of the trailer to let you know. Meanwhile, how about take a calm relaxation with Record Of Youth Season 1’s trailer. I’ll leave it down for you!

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