Duel Masters King! Episode 20 Release Date, Recap, And Spoilers

Duel Masters King! Episode 20 Release Date, Recap And Spoilers

Duel Masters King Episode 20 is about to release soon. Fans of the anime aeries are excited to know what will happen next. Duel Masters King! Is the 17th series of the beloved Duel Masters franchise succeeding Duel Masters King. This show focuses on the adventures of Joe and his friends on the route to find all 12 cards and unlock 4000 years’ history of Duel Masters and also know about mysterious creatures. Sounds exciting, right? Indeed it is. This show has been a hit among the audience and with every season it brings new adventures. So in this article, we will tell you every detail so that you don’t miss any fun from the show. Read the complete article to know about the Release Date, Preview and Where to watch Duel Masters King Episode 20.

This article is about Duel Masters King(2021) not to be confused with Duel Masters King.


Before moving on with Duel Masters King Episode 20 let’s see what this show is all about. The 17th season of Duel Masters anime is popularly named “Duel Masters King!”. It is also known as The Rise of Kings Arc of Joe, after the protagonist of the anime. Bringing popular card games to life this anime this show has offered its viewers some great adventures and fun. Each card in the game represents a civilisation from Water, Fire, Light, Darkness and Nature. One day Joe and Deckie hear a mysterious voice in their dreams announcing “Now Joe, it’s s time for evolution!”, ” Unleash it, 4000 years of Duel Masters’ History!”. As a result, determined to do what’s been asked, Joe and his friends decide to find the 12 legendary cards to accomplish their task. Joe finds a mysterious scroll in Kirifuda Household and with the help of that he and his friends are on their journey to the works of the past.

Duel Masters King Episode 20 Release Date, Recap, And Spoilers

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Duel Masters King Episode 20 Spoilers

Unfortunately, for Duel Masters King Episode 20 spoilers are not out yet. Generally, Spoilers are out only  2-3 days before the actual release of the complete episode. So for now we can’t say what will happen in the episode. Until then, watch all the previous episodes of Duel Masters King online as there is no better time to start a good series.

Duel Masters King Episode 20 Release Date

Episode 20 will be released as scheduled on Sunday, 15th August. This episode will air at 5:00 AM. Episode 20 along with other previous Episodes will be available to watch online on streaming sites AnimePlanet and AniDB. We request our readers to watch the show from trusted sources available in their countries to support the makers of the anime.

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