You are My Glory Episode 27 (2021) English Sub Recap, And Watch Online

You are My Glory Episode 27 (2021) English Sub Recap, And Watch Online

You are My Glory Episode 27 is about to Air this coming week. To know more about the release date, spoilers, and latest updates. Continue reading the article

Gu Man is credited with the original writing of the Novel, while Wang Zhi is credited with the direction of the show. Plus the fact that it is produced by Tencent Penguin Pictures


Let’s take look back at past episodes before moving on to You are My Glory episode 27.

Jingjing has been hosting the three photographers. He sent Jingjing to the airport, and they all saw it. Not only did the two accept their differences, but they also examined their hearts, which strengthened their bond. Having spent a couple of days sitting and filming, they proceeded to modify things well. At the same time, they preferred to remain on the route in order to learn more about the road’s history.
In response to Yu Tu’s revelation about the photographers, Sister Ling informed Jingjing of the incident. ‘Adou’, the paparazzi’s leader, apologized to Sister Ling and appreciated her for her complaint.

You are My Glory Episode 27 (2021) English Sub Recap, And Watch Online
You are My Glory Episode 27

He vowed that he’d never forget these insights. According to her reaction, Sister Ling smirked and nodded in agreement. But lamented that the amount she spent on public connections had been wasted.

Jingjing returned to the desert two years later to film. The scandal between her and Yu Tu was once again in the news. Xiaoqi’s lover, Yu Tu, was her worst fear. In exchange for payment, she asked Yu Tu to transport food back and forth to Sister Ling on a daily basis. If you’re interested in learning more about Jingjing’s work, please visit her website at Although Zhou Xiaoqi’s boyfriend is no longer a secret, the director is no longer satisfied. However, she wants Yu Tu to arrive quietly.

To pick up Xiao Zhu while Jingjing went to film, she requested Xiao Zhu to help.

That brought us to the conclusion and left us for You Are My Glory Episode 27.

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You are My Glory Episode 27 Release Date

The upcoming episode that is You are My Glory Episode 27 will be released on Monday, August 16th, 2021. The preceding episodes were released on the 9th of August, so there is still much to see.

Where to Watch

As well as earlier episodes, We Tv and Tencent Video provide access to You Are My Glory Episode 27. Similarly, previous episodes are available there as well, in case you miss any episode till 27 you can easily catch it there. However, you need to have access to premium to watch these episodes.

This concludes our review of My Glory’s episode 27, and we’ll be back soon with the newest information on the show.

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