Is Ethergift.Net Legit? Let’s Find out !!

Is Ethergift.Net Legit?


Hey Guys, Today we will be debunking the site which has been claiming to give back ether after depositing ether in their account? Sounds too good !! let’s find out if Ethergift.Net Legit or not?

Okay, let’s go! , But first some short history.


So is just woke and found a youtube channel Named Ethereum Ltd which was having an interview with Ethereum co-founder Vitalik. To my surprise they were doubling everyone’s eth coins. I gut suspicious and below is my research on it. I hope you will like it.

Let’s Go to to find the history of the domain

Is Ethergift.Net Legit? Let's Find out !!


Okay, the domain was bought on 11 august 2021…That is the first red flag.

Is Ethergift.Net Legit? Let's Find out !!


Now let’s go to Twitter for some more

They claim this tweet is from Vilatik Buterin, the ethereum founder and the so-called sponsor of this event.



It looks like it’s the last tweet was on 6 August…Now that is a second red flag.

If you think I saved your precious Ethereum,  then you can send me 1$ in my wallet. Stay Safe Guys.


Now let’s come to the third red flag

At the bottom of the homepage of this website, they are claiming some real-time in-out transactions which mean they are giving ether instantaneously when you deposit it.



Hmmm…But if you notice they are is one more information on their website, It is shoing that 15678  coins have already been given. This is a very old tactic used by scammers and marketing industry to bring a FOMO ( Fear of missing out)emotion in the user. But they have failed miserably. As this number will remain constant even after you ope their website after 1 hour.

So that is a THIRD RED FLAG for me, and i am out.

That’s it my friends.

Comment what you think!

This is the link to the youtube video, Kindly report it and share this article before some people get scammed.

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