Gantz Season 3: Renewed or Not??? Release Date and More!!!

Gantz Season 3: Renewed or Not??? Release Date and More

There are many tv shows and animes that are made for mass appeal. But sometimes creators try to bring something exclusively for the die-hard fans of some genre. If you like watching tv shows then Euphoria is a nice example for you. The show has something that either makes you fall in love with the characters or completely hate them. The same thing goes on with the anime Gantz season 3. This anime is not made for everyone. If you watched the attack on titan and death note and think that you might like Gantz, you could be wrong. This show is filled with gore nudity and extreme violence.

The show unlike other anime does not give the viewers time to get comfortable with the characters like Attack on Titan does. Gantz Season 3 starts with extreme violence and ends with the same. With more questions to answer in the next season. And this bluntness made the show one of the most popular anime. If you are a fan of the show and thinking that the show should be renewed then the article is for you. In this article, we will tell you if there is a possibility of the show being renewed for a third season.

Gantz Season 3 Renewed or Not 

Gantz Season 3: Renewed or Not??? Release Date and More

When the first season of the show started back on 13th April 2004 it went for only 13 episodes. But these 13 episodes made the show very popular among dedicated fans that in the same year they started the second season. The second season of the show premiered on the 26th of August 2004. We should tell you that the first season of the show containing 13 episodes ended on the 22nd of June 2004 and they again premiered the second season after two months. According to  Hiroya Oku the illustrator of the manga they did not want the fans to wait for a year. So, they dropped the next season ASAP.

This made the fans super excited for the third season because the second season like the first season ended on a cliffhanger. But unfortunately, the creators decided to end the show after the second season only. The manga having a total of 26 episodes ended on November 18 2004.

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And as of now, there is no news of Gantz season 3 being in production or development. And the possibility of the show being renewed for the third season is really low. Because in the year 2016 they produced a movie to end finally give the show a nice ending.

Where to Watch the Show 

If you are new to the whole anime thing and want to watch Gantz then you can watch it on Animelab. And if you want to watch the show in the English language then you can watch it on Funimation.

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