Jeffery Epstein Accuser Sues Prince Andrews For Sexual Assault

Britain’s 61-year-old Prince Andrews is sued for sexual abuse charges. These charges are pressed by Giuffre, a then-teenager. Here is all that you need to know about the issue. All the updates on it are here.

Prince Andrew Sexual Assault Issue

Giuffre says that Prince Andrew forced her into having sex with him on multiple occasions. Also, she mentions that Jeffrey Epstein also has his hand on this. Guiffre files a complaint on the Court of Manhattan. And, there she says that the Duke of York, Queen Elizabeth’s second son sexually abused her. Plus, she says that this battered her. It is to be noted that she was a teenager at that time. Prince Andrew is being sued on charges of sexual abuse by Guiffre. Also, she claims that these happened when she was 16.

Virginia Giuffre And Her Talks

Virginia Giuffre opens up finally. And, she says that she will keep Prince Andrew accountable for whatever he has done to her. She also states that the American Financier Jeffery Epstein also has his hands on this. Moreover, it is to be noted that Epstein is already being convinced with sexual charges and is a convicted sex offender who took his life in 2019. Guiffre adds that she will not keep quiet just because he is royal. Despite the richness that he has, she is not afraid to speak up, says she. Also, she adds that wealth does not simply keep someone from being accountable for his deeds. Moreover, she also wants everyone to know that there is no need to stay silent but rather fight for their justice.

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Prince Andrew’s Take On This

Though Guiffre has spoken so much about Prince Andrews, he has no comment on this. Also, he says that he has never met her. Moreover, the Prince has clearly denied all the claims that are being put upon him. Also, she accuses the Prince of having sexually abused her in the mansion of Jeffery. But, Andrews claims that there is no truth in all that she says.

Guiffre accuses Prince Andrew of having sexually abused her in the Maxwell residence. But, Prince states that he has never been there with him. And, also adds that he returned home after a children’s party.

Jeffery Epstein Accuser Sues Prince Andrews For Sexual Assault

But, despite all of these, circulated a picture, where Prince and Guiffre were standing side by side. She was donning a good pink tank top while standing beside him. Moreover, she claims that the picture was taken before she was being abused by The Prince.

Blankly enough, Prince says that he has not met that woman ever in his life. He also adds that he can very clearly and elaborately tell that he has not met her and her accuses are fake.

Charges Pressed On Prince Andrew

With her claim in the Court of Manhattan, Guiffre says that she fell prey to Epstein’s sex trafficking. She also says that all of this happened from 2000 – 2002. Also, she was just 16 at that age, she says. Furthermore, she sats that Prince forced her into having sex at the London Home. Also, this home belongs to Epstein’s associate Ghislaine Maxwell.

Jeffery Epstein Accuser Sues Prince Andrews For Sexual Assault

Moreover, she also says that the Prince abused her in Epstein’s mansion also. Also, all of these happened when she was 17. But, she opens up recently because she did not have the courage as a child to speak up. She says that the incident battered her, and kept her vulnerable. Plus, she says that as a child, speaking against someone in higher power and wealth was very frightening.

Jeffery Epstein Accuser Sues Prince Andrews For Sexual Assault

Also, she says that Epstein and the daughter of Robert Maxwell introduced her to Prince Andrews. Moreover, she says that Prince treated her as a sex slave. These were the claims put forth by Guiffre.

These are the charges pressed against Prince Andrew. Though we are not clearly provided with the shreds of evidence to say that the Prince is guilty, these charges have made him more vulnerable. It is also to be noted that the lawyers from his side took time to speak up. Though Jeffery is already a sex offender, we are not yet sure about Prince other than the claims that Guiffre says. 

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