My Little Monster Season 2 Release Date | Everything That We Know

My Little Monster Season 2 Release Date | Everything That We Know

Hello Fandom, are you the one who loves watching animes that ticks lesser time? Here is My Little Monster, with every episode timing to an approx of 25 minutes. If you have a taste for comedy, then you might like to invest your time here. Here is all that you need to know about My Little Monster Season 2. 

My Little Monster season 1 was short enough with just 13 episodes, and each was capped within 25 minutes. Well, talking about this anime would be quite interesting. There are pros and cons everywhere. There are long-running episodes that take a lot of your time. And, after all that investment that you put in, if you end up feeling bleak, then that is totally not worth your investment. But, investing in something shorter, that is crisp enough would make you know that the choice is right.

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One such is My Little Monster. But, let me also warn you this. The anime isn’t void, but that doesn’t really mean that it is as impressive as it could be. The plot is very dense. And, that makes you go deep. Even when it is capped 25 minutes, you might feel that it actually took a lot of time. The reason is just that the plot is denser.

Is There My Little Monster Season 2? 

But, that doesn’t really mean that you should skip the anime. If you have a heart for comedy, then this can be a sure hit. The anime did hit us with its spine-chilling jokes that made us laugh out loud. Despite having its own loopholes, the anime can be given a new chance. So, there lies the question of “Will There Be A My Little Monster Season 2?” Well, that we are not sure. As of now, there is no official information about the release of the new season. My Little Monster season 2 hasn’t yet been renewed.

But, let us also not forget that season 1 had a cliffhanger ending paving all way to a new season. Well then, this can’t be the only determining factor for a new season. Despite all odds, we can also assume that you can expect a new season by late 2022. As soon as there is an update about My Little Monster Season 2, we shall let you know.

More About My Little Monster

A cute romantic comedy, My Little Monster has a decent IMDb rating of 7.3/10. Well, that is pretty much a decent sign. Just like I already said to you, the anime has a very dense plot. You find yourselves so into it just to realize that all that you spent was just 25 minutes. That may be a drawback, but let us not forget how it tickled our funny bones.

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Usually, Shoujo animes have a leaning towards a character where the other protagonist is portrayed as a little outcast. But, that isn’t the same here. My Little Monster has two protagonists, who find their routes to each other’s hearts. That is all that it is about. Other than that, there is one thing that might come as a surprise. The love confession happens in the very first episode.

Drawbacks About My Little Monster

My Little Monster Season 2 is anticipated for its release. But, regarding season 1, there are a few things where you cant turn a blind eye. There is a lot of sexist content there, male misogyny to be more precise. Keeping comedy in the limelight, we usually tend to turn a blind eye towards misogyny. But, taking it to another perspective, you might notice that the protagonist of the anime is portrayed more of a psychopath who dares to take any turn to get the girl he wants.

My Little Monster Season 2 Release Date | Everything That We Know

This isn’t the kind of attitude that you would entertain in an anime. But, if you chose to ignore all of that, and focus on just the comedy, then there is much for you in-store. The series is l0aded with more hilarious content, so there is no drawback there.

When Will My Little Monster Season 2 Release? 

My Little Monster Season 1 premiered on October 2, 2012, and with limited episodes, the finale came out on December 25, 2012. The end was rough. Therefore, with a cliffhanger ending, we can expect that there are chances for a new season. My Little Monster Season 2 has enough strips hanging from Season 1. there is a lot you can pick up from. But, we haven’t heard from the makers as of now. Well, this has made people take a turn towards reading the anime.

Moreover, an Original Video Animation (OVO) came out with the same name. The OVO came out in August 2013. To the disappointment of the weebs, the storyline was entirely different from the original series. Woah! That was a completely different storyline. So, it has nothing to do with season 1. And, we are awaiting more details about My Little Monster Season 2.

Plot Of My Little Monster 

The talks of My Little Monster season 2 are ongoing. And, here is a small glimpse of the plot of this romantic comedy. The story traces the life and journey of Shizuku Mizutani and Haru Yoshida. Shizuku Mizutani is a studious girl and Haru Yoshida is a rebellious hooligan.  The characters are extremely different. Moreover, Shizuku cares all about her grades while Yoshida doesn’t really mind attending classes. He is keener on making more trouble and creating problems. Yes, they are entirely different and they are nowhere near. But, if you want to find if there is anything in common, then you need to notice that both of them have no idea about making new friends.

My Little Monster Season 2 Release Date | Everything That We Know

Their relationship is very complex. And, that is the main travel of the story. And, one fine day comes to Yoshida confessing his love towards Shizuku. Well, Shizuku is very perplexed by that. This comes with no surprise as she hasn’t seen him ever before. But, that doesn’t end there. She finds her way to his heart. But, she doesn’t really know how to make her approach towards him. And, there lies their complex relationship, their own “its complicated” story. Their journey and their own predicaments are the main telltales of the anime.

Genre: Romance, Comedy

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Where To Watch My Little Monster Season 2? 

My Little Monster Season 2 hasn’t come up with any updates as of now. But, you can watch My Little Monster Season 1 on Crunchyroll. Alongside, there are English subtitles also on the same platform. That doesn’t stop there. You can also watch the series on Netflix also. Moreover, we also recommend you refrain from using other unidentified platforms that would cause potential harm to the producers.

Years passed by, and we are not yet aware of any announcement about the release of My Little Monster Season 2. Though there are cliffhangers in Season 1, that can’t just is the main reason for the new season.

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