Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Features, Specifications and Price!!!

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Features, Specifications and Price!!!

The next in the line Samsung galaxy flagship products are here. Every year Samsung releases the predecessors of the phone and this year we got Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and galaxy Z fold 3. There are a lot of new features in the new phone to talk about. And in this post, we will tell you everything you need to know about the phone. Last year in the pandemic when we thought that Samsung might delay its new products it still launched Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2, and Samsung Galaxy Z fold 2. But the phones had 5g additions and they did not perform really well in the market. So, this year the company made a lot of changes in the specifications of the phone. So, without any further delay let’s talk about the important stuff related to the phone.

Features of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 

The phone comes with a 6.70-inch (1080×2640), Processor octa-core, and a 3300 mAh battery. The phone comes in 7 colours Cream, Green, Lavender, Phantom Black [ exclusive colours- Gray, White, Pink]. It has 8 gigs of RAM and 256 Gigs of internal memory.

When it comes to cameras Samsung galaxy flip 3 offers an updated version of the camera. According to Samsung’s website, the front camera of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G is 10 MP. It also has a 12 MP ultra-wide camera and a 12 MP wide-angle camera. With an IPX8 rating, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is the world’s first water-resistant foldable smartphone. It can float for up to 30 minutes in 1.5 metres of water.

Specification of the Z Flip 3

The phone was launched on the 11th of August and since then fans of the Samsung phones can not stop talking about it. The phone also comes with a second screen that is a 1.90-inch touchscreen. And the resolution of the second screen is 260×512 pixels. The phone comes with an octa-core processor and runs on Android 11. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 supports wireless charging but if you want your phone to get charged in less time then charging it wirelessly is probably not the best way to do it. And the wireless charger also hurts the environment more than wire chargers.

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Price of Galaxy Z Flip 3

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 goes on sale on August 27, 2021. It’s set to arrive in two flavors: 128GB, which costs $999 / £949 / AU$1,499, and 256GB, which will set you back $1,049 / £999 / AU$1,599.

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