Miss Nagatoro Chapter 89: Release date, Spoilers and Where To Read

Miss Nagatoro Chapter 89: Release date, Spoilers and Where To Read

Miss Nagatoro Chapter 89 is about to release and fans are excited about it. Miss Nagataro is a Japanese Manga written by Nanashi, who illustrated it too. It is about an antisocial schoolboy who Naoto. Naoto used to draw manga in his free time. One day a first-year girl Nagatoro read his manga and then began teasing him. She refers to Naoto as Senpai. Soon he falls for her and with the help of his new friends he tries to win over her. In this article, we will tell you everything we know so far about Chapter 89.


Don’t toy with me, Miss Nagatoro or simply Miss Nagatoro’s last chapter was about Naoto and Nagatoro going on a date. During their date, Nagatoro tells him that this is a practice date where she will help him so he will be ready for the actual date. Gamo and Yoshi follow them to ‘save Senpai’s Virginity’. Meanwhile, Sunomiya and his cousin are following Gamo to stop her from ruining her date. They go to the aquarium for their date where Nagatoro notices everyone is holding hands so she hints at Senpai who doesn’t understand. Later he notices that Gamo, Yoshi, Sunomiya, and President all are there so he holds Nagatoro’s hand and ran away from there. Gamo and Yoshi are confronted by Sunomiya and President, as a result, they retreat for the time.

Miss Nagatoro Chapter 89: Release date, Spoilers and Where To Read

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Release Date

Miss Nagatoro Chapter 89 is expected to come out on 27th August 2021. There hasn’t been any official announcement for an exact release date. International fans might have to wait for 2-3 days for the English version of the manga upon release of the actual version.

Where to Read

You can read Miss Nagatoro Chapter 89 and all the previous Chapters on Izneo. This Manga is also available on unofficial sources. But we ask our readers to read it from official Sources only to support the creators.


Talking about spoilers for Miss Nagatoro Chapter 89, there aren’t many. Since raw scans are not out yet we can’t say anything about the next chapter. Although We expect it to continue the story from the previous chapter. Their date isn’t over yet so we might expect some romance building up between these two in the next chapter.

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