Problem Child in House Episode 142 Release Date, Plot and How to Watch?

Problem Child in House Episode 142 Release Date, Plot and How to Watch?

Problem Child in the House Episode 142 will be on our screens shortly. The subject of today’s post is the South Korean popular quiz series Problem Child In House. Most all you who are major fans of K-drama, K-pop, or anything South Korean are probably familiar with the programme. There has been one season of the programme released thus far, with 141 episodes. On the 10th of August 2021, episode 141 of the programme Problem Child In House was published. The majority of the show’s die-hard fans are eagerly anticipating episode 142. They are really interested in learning when Season 1, Episode 142 of Problem Child In House will be released.

The release date for the next episode of Problem Child In House, episode 142, will be revealed in this post. We’ll also discuss the plot of the programme. Those who are unfamiliar with the programme but are aware of its popularity can learn more about it. We’ll also talk about the cast of Problem Child In House. So, what do you have to lose? Without further ado, read on to learn about the release date of Problem Child In House’s newest forthcoming episode.

Problem Child in House Episode 142 Release date

Problem Child in House Episode 142 Release Date, Plot and How to Watch?

Since we all know that the show releases one episode each week. The same thing will happen with this tv show. The episode is all set to release on the 17th of August 2021. In this episode, Kim Dong-hwan and Syuka will appear as the guest stars. If you live in South Korea then you can watch the episode the moment it releases. But if you live in other countries you will have to wait till the episode is available on any ott platform. The release time of the episode will also vary based on the time zone of your country. It has been four years since the show is first aired. The first episode of the show was released on 7th November 2018. And two days from now Problem Child in House Episode 142 will also release.

Where to watch the show

The quiz show is being broadcasted on KBS2 Network in South Korea. If you are looking to watch the show in real-time then the channel is probably the best place to watch the show. But if you live outside South Korea then you have to download the streaming app VIU. The app is available for Android and as well as IOS users. But to watch on the VIU app you will have to wait for some time. And the show is only available in the Korean language. So, if you do not know the language you will have to use the subtitle to understand the show.

The plot of the Problem Child in House Episode 142

On the KBS2 network, the South Korean quiz show Problem Child In House is now airing. It’s a quiz show from South Korea. Kim Yong-man, Jung Hyung-don, Song Eun-i, Kim Sook, and Min Kyung-hoon are the show’s hosts. These five hosts and guests put their expertise to the exam, which the other participants must solve. They are given 10 questions by the production crew. While they are imprisoned up in the roof-top home, they must strive to solve all of them. The locked-up folks can only exit the roof-top, according to the show’s rules. This is only possible if the candidates answer all 10 questions correctly. Tell us what do you think about Problem Child in House Episode 142 in the comment section.

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