Taliban Militants Seen PLAYING at Amusement Park After Kabul Take Over

Taliban Militants Seen PLAYING at Amusement Park After Kabul Take Over

The country of Afghanistan is once again in a state of complete crisis. As the US Army left the country, the Afghanistan Government lost its control over the country bit by bit. This article reveals the detailed information behind the current situation in Afghanistan and the Taliban Enjoy At Amusement Park.

Taliban Takeover

Taliban ordered their fighters to the outskirts of Kabul and demanded a peaceful transfer of power to them. Afghan leaders and officials created a council to meet with the Taliban and manage the transfer of power. However, all their pain were of useless when the Biden administration is standing by its plan to leave the country. The Secretary of the State said that there is nothing more they can do. When heard of this, the Taliban advances were faster than forecasted. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has reportedly left the country.

Finally, the Taliban group members took over Kabul. And it is now effectively controlled by the Islamist group, nearly 20 years after relinquishing power in an American-led assault.

Taliban Militants Seen PLAYING at Amusement Park After Kabul Take Over

Taliban Enjoy At Amusement Park

Kabul-based Reuters journalist Hamid Shalizi shared two videos that went viral on social media and turned the world’s attention towards it.

In one video, The Taliban group members celebrate their victory of capturing the Afghanistan capital at an amusement park. They were seen enjoying the electric bumper car rides while holding their weapon guns at the back. This video was taken exactly on 16th August, the day after they took complete control of Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, in another video, a group of armed Taliban members was seen riding the play horses in the amusement park. They even took over gyms in Kabul. These surreal visuals have captured a stark contrast to the horror prevailing in the country.

Check out the video below where Taliban men enjoying rides at the amusement park after capturing Afghanistan.

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Mass Evacuation Attempts!

The Taliban were seen moving people away from the entrance to Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul. Sat on the armored vehicles and jeeps, a group of Taliban militants fired shot to disperse the crowds trying to escape the country.

More were killed and several were injured at Kabul airport in the last two days.  Thousands of the civilians were seen trying to catch flights in an attempt to flee Afghanistan. Officials said that this happened because people were misinformed about the availability of flights at the Kabul airport.

Subsequently, the Afghans are seen trying desperately to leave the country sooner. The distressed Afghan civilians shared anguish, fear, and blame against the Government.

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