Blue Reflection Ray Episode 20 Release Date, Recap, And Spoilers

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 20 Release Date, Recap, And Spoilers

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 20 is going to release next week. Fans of this anime are impatiently waiting to know what is going to happen in the next episode. Blue Reflection Ray is a Japanese Anime series based on A Role-Playing Video game of the same name. This anime was directed by Risako Yoshida. The show is about human emotions forming flowers known as fragments. Some humans having the ability to become Reflectors since they have enough fragments. In this article, we will share with you every detail we have about Blue Reflection Ray Episode 20 – Release date, Plot of the show, where you can watch it, and Spoilers.


Blue Reflection Ray is about two people who are the polar opposite of each other. Their fates are intervened and they just have one thing in common, the power known as ‘Reflector’. When someone has enough human emotion they develop into a ‘Reflector’. These beings have a unique ring that helps them to connect their thoughts, memories, and emotions to those whose feelings flicker. Reflectors are divided into two categories- Being with Blue Rings and Beings with Red Rings. Those with blue rings protect someone from depression by preserving their emotions( called fragments) and those with red rings prevent negative emotions by stealing fragments of the victim.

Ruka Hanari is an introvert, although she wants to socialize. But her shy nature never let her being too friendly with others. As a result, she has no friends. On a fateful day, she met a woman who drops her blue ring as they bump into each other. Ruka tries to return it but fails, as a result, she takes it with her. In her dorm, she meets Hiori Hirahara. Hiori is an outgoing girl, never shy of anything. She is everything Ruka is not. Hiori also happens to have a blue ring. Together they fight red reflectors and also try to understand more about the rings. Together they strive to become reflectors to protect everyone including themselves from the emotions that held them back. Let’s move on to Blue Reflection Ray Episode 20 recap.

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 20 Release Date, Recap, And Spoilers


Before moving on with Blue Reflection Ray Episode 20 let’s have a quick recap. In Episode 19 we saw, Hiori felt that she was responsible for her sister’s death. Hirabaka confronts Niina for making Hiori remember everything. But Niina asks Ruka what did Yuzu and Lime said about Opening Common, interrupting Hirabaka. She said to Ruka that she and Hiori are the only ones who can open Gates of Common. Niina said in order to defeat them Hiori needs to find her resolve.

Hiori is walking alone thinking about the past. She looks around and notices everyone is happy but only until the war. Once the War begins this all will be gone. The girls try to reach her but she is not picking the call. Niina Assures girls that Hiori will find her resolve. But Ruka decides to follow her and while searching for her she realized that Amiru is not with them the girls already lost her to Mio. She saw Amiru stealing Fragments of innocent along with Ryoka. Ryoka and Amiru fight with Ruka and Hiori. Hiori tries to ask Amiru to request Ryoka from fighting. Ruka saw Mio and tries to attack her but Hiori stops her as she can’t let Ruka hurt her sister Mio.

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 20 Release Date, Recap, And Spoilers

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Blue Reflection Ray Episode 20 Release Date

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 20 is expected to release on 27th August 2021. Although we don’t expect any kind of delay. There will be a total of 24 episodes from this season. You can watch this episode along with other episodes of the series on AnimelabANIPLUS, and Funimation. This show will be available at many other sites but we request our readers to watch from the mentioned sites only or any other legal sites available in your Country. Above mentioned sites are safe and by streaming through these mediums you will support the makers of the show.

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 20 Spoilers

Unfortunately, spoilers for Episode 20 are not out yet. So we can’t be certain what will happen. At the end of the Previous Episode, we saw when Ryoka and Amiru try to take Hiori’s fragment she somehow overpowers them. This led to the opening of the common gate. So from Episode 20, we expect some serious action but who is their real enemy, and will Hiori fight Mio. All this will be cleared up in Episode 20.

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