High Class (2021) Release Date, Time, Preview, And Where To Watch

High Class (2021) Release Date, Time, Preview, And Where To Watch

High Class is a South Korean mystery suspense drama. The show will release in September 2021. Choi Byeong Gil is the director of the show and it has Cho Yeo Joeng, Kim Jisko, and Kim Youngjae in lead. The first season of the show has 16 episodes which will air from September 6 to October 26, 2021. The show focuses on the lives of high-class people of Korea that live an elegant life. But the reality of their life holds something entirely different.

The secrets and lies everything is unfolded in the show. The show is said to have focused mainly on the female characters of the show, but one thing that is sure is we will have an interesting storyline.


High Class follows the story of 0.01 percent of the elites of Korea. It mainly focuses on the hypocritical lives of these elites. The show shows the reality behind the perfect lives of the rich that seem perfect in every way. Song Yeo ul is framed for her husband’s murder and ends up losing everything. Nam Ji Seon is a star mother and Cha do Yeong who is an actress follows her around to get some limelight.

High Class Release Date, Time Preview And Where To Watch

Danny is a former ice hockey player. He quit playing hockey after an injury and now works as a teacher at a school. He is popular and handsome. Danny is also the center of attraction for most of the mothers a the school. The only companion to Song Yeoul is Hwang Nayoon, who is a not-so-popular single mother. Let’s move on to High Class (2021) Release Date, Time, And Where To Watch

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High Class 2021 Release Date

The shoot for High Class is complete and it is ready to release in the next month. The show will start airing from September 6 on tvN on Monday and Tuesday at 10:30 PM.  The show will continue for 16 episodes and there is no information whether the show will have a second season or the story will be wrapped up in one season only.  The release date as told is September 6, 2021. And stay tuned for the show.

High Class (2021) Release Date, Time, Preview, And Where To Watch

Where To Watch High Class

High Class will air on tvN and can be published on another streaming platform after the release. There is no confirmation of the show will be available on any other streaming platform. There are chances that the show will be available on Netflix once released. Many Korean dramas have made an appearance on Netflix after their release.

We will keep you update if any information about this comes out.


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